Friday, May 28, 2010

Guess Who???

loves to play games? My kids do! Especially Brianna, she is my game playing fanatic! One of her favorite games right now is "Guess Who". Do you remember that game?

It's a great game to teach/practice questioning skills, especially teaching children the difference between a closed response (yes/no answer) and an open response question. She started playing it last summer when we would go over to Steven's Uncle Tim and Aunt Pam's house. It was her favorite game to play, I think because she could get so many of her cousins to play it with her. So this year for Christmas we bought Bri her own "Guess Who" game from her GaGa Gammie and Papa. 

I think it was probably one of her favorite gifts and she asks to play it all the time (aside from one of my Christmas gifts this year- Disney Scene It. She always wants to play that one too!) Yesterday while Jonah was taking his nap she and I sat down at the kitchen table and played a few rounds. I love to watch her face as she thinks about which question she is going to ask next. She thinks about it so hard! 

I enjoy spending this quiet time playing with my girl. And I know that she really enjoys it too! 

When Jonah woke up he took my spot and started playing with her. Even though the box says it good for ages 6+ I have found that Brianna at 4 was great this game, and Jonah at 3 1/2 does very well with it too, although he needs some more guidance as to what he can ask and what he can't! 

  Just one more great game in our ever growing collection of family games! This is one we highly recommend!

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