Friday, May 7, 2010

Sunday Bible School Graduation

This past Sunday at St. Joe's  was the closing for their Sunday Bible School. Brianna started in it when she was 3 and this year she graduated from the program! Next year she will start in the Parish School of Religion (PSR) program which her daddy is in charge of. Jonah started in the program this year. The girls who run the program are awesome and they have let our children start earlier because it really helps us out since they meet at the same time that the PSR program does. So for one hour we don't have to try to juggle them and the PSR, and they get to go learn about the Bible. So even though Jonah didn't turn 3 until December they let him join the 3 year old program as a favor to us. He has loved it! The decision we have to make now is whether to keep him in the same class that he was in this year again next year, or go ahead and let him move up with his class. If we let him move up then we would have a one year lag between when he'll be able to start PSR and when he'll graduate from the Bible program. (Mainly because I don't think he'll be ready to start Kindergarten as early as Brianna was!) So we have a decision to make over the summer!

For the closing the children perform some songs for the parents and family members who can come. They are sooo cute! Of course I had to take some video, but blogger has lost my upload videos button (I can't find it ANYWHERE on my toolbar!!!) so I'm just going to have to post some pics instead.

Jonah was in the front row, and Bri was in the back so I didn't get any pics of her until it was over and she was coming down the stairs with her goodie bag but here you go!

 Jonah can't decide how he feels about this!

He was blowing his momma kisses! I love that boy!

My little girl is growing up! Where has the time gone? Who told her she could grow up!?!?!?!

And because he is my baby, and it's my blog, and I is a pic of my baby! He's getting big too (and yes, he is chewing on Turner from Handy Manny!)

I'm gearing up for a crazy busy weekend (shopping for wedding gift supplies and Mother's Day gifts tonight, coming home to make wedding gift, which I'll post pics of later! NKU graduation tomorrow and I have lots of friends graduating so I'm planning on going to that, a wedding tomorrow afternoon, Mother's Day on Sunday) and then another crazy week (mainly consisting on making a wedding cake and 100 cupcakes!!! My first ever bytheway!), leading up to another crazy weekend (friend's birthday party on Friday, Aunt's wedding in Indy on Saturday, PSR closing back in KY on Sunday, followed by Bri's dance recital pictures Sunday afternoon, whew!!!) So I may be kind of sparse for the next few weeks! But I'll be in when I can posting pics of the gift I'm making for my frien, and pics from their wedding. Pics of my first ever wedding cake and cupcakes. And pics from their wedding. Here's a sneak peak from my practice run with the cupcakes:

The most fun part was eating them! But I always thought these things looked so hard to do and they were soooo easy! Oh and they were soooo good!
Anyways, have a great weekend! And as Brianna put so eloquently last night "Just go out and enjoy all that this day has to offer!" (Where does she come up with these things?!?!?!)

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Newton 5 said...

Your family is so beautiful. I am so impressed with how much you do with them. You are a great example. Love your blog!