Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ready or Not!

Today my baby, my 10 month old, climbed up the first flight of steps in our house! He made it up to the landing (with me following close behind in case he slipped!) and started to clap for himself! I am NOT ready for this! This changes EVERYTHING! He's not only mobile, but he can make it up the steps by himself! Time to break out the gate and the camera! I'll try to get pics to post later (but only when I can make sure I can take them and still make sure he's safe!) Oh boy!


Diana said...

Good luck, Kamryn did that when she was about the same age, I ended up using a chair turned on it's side so Logan could still get up the stairs. Fun fun.

Coleen said...

It's amazing how quickly they adapt and can do things on their own. Watch out world... here he comes!