Thursday, May 27, 2010

My First Wedding Cake

A few weeks ago my Aunt Christina got remarried. And I got the chance to make my very first wedding cake! It turned out beautiful but let me tell you what a pain it was for a while. I usually like to work with butter cream icing (and I make a MEAN butter cream if I do say so myself!) but my butter cream was being very temperamental! It was too dry, and I continued to add milk, but it just wouldn't straighten up. It didn't help that it was hot in my house and I couldn't cool it off, so the icing was pulling the cake away and just looked awful! So at the last hour I ran to the store, bought some fondant, scrapped off all of the butter cream except for a crumb coat, and covered the whole cake with fondant. I used a mold to get a diamond pattern on the fondant, and then attached blue sugar pearls at the intersections of the diamonds. I then ran a ribbon around the base of the cake and wallah!

Except that I still had to make 140 cupcakes, but that was easy! Until my icing got too dry, again! And we had to run out and buy canned icing at the last minute! Grrr! I've got to figure out what's going on with my butter cream! 

But it turned out beautiful in the end, and the bride and groom were really pleased! I defintely see imperfections, especially in the fondant when I look at the pictures, but this is only the second time I've worked with fondant so I was OK with it. And like I said my Aunt loved it and that is what's important after all! The cake was fudge marble and the cupcakes were french vanilla, white cake, funfetti (for the kids- they combined 2 from her and 3 from him!!!) and some chocolate and had either cream cheese or white icing. Then they were decorated with hand made chocolate filigree hearts, sugar pearls or sprinkles. 

I'm liking this decorating cake thing and I think I'm gonna take the Wilton cake decorating classes with my mom. Then who knows...maybe a little side business could be in the works!


Diana said...

love the cake it looks amazing. I would love to take the wilton classes, someday, maybe when I am a grandma.

Shelly said...

You did a fantastic job with the cake and cupcakes. I've never tried fondant, but I have a hard enough time just decorating with buttercream. You should be so proud of your work. You aunt was lucky to have your talent making the cakes.

In Light of the Truth... said...

that's BEAUTIFUL!! great job!!!