Friday, January 11, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

So last night was one of those nights where Bri just will not go to bed! I think we tried for like an hour and a half before we just gave up and let her come back out into the living room with us. We were watching ER (so it was around 10pm) and she was being goofy and just normal Bri! At one point she climbs off the couch and is standing next to it with her head propped up on some throw pillows, watching TV. The next thing I know I'm hearing this deep breathing and I look over and see this: She fell asleep standing up!!!! I mean, deep sleep, snoring here!!!!! It was the funniest thing I've ever seen! And of course, since Mommy is a scrapbooker we couldn't put her in bed until I snapped a few pictures to document the story! Otherwise, no one would believe me! Plus, it'll make such a cute page for her scrapbook!!!!!
So there she is- our very own sleeping beauty! Oh, how she makes me laugh!

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Shultzybabe said...

Oh, the cute quirky things our kids do!! That’s such a cute picture! Love that you had to take a picture before taking her to bed. I would have done the same thing!