Thursday, January 24, 2008

Can't Believe He's Gone!

Okay, so at the risk of sounding cliche.. I cannot believe that Heath Ledger is dead! I kid you not when I walked into my mom's living room Tuesday night and saw his face on the TV screen and the caption reading "Heath Ledger dead at 28" I was so shocked! I started to cry! I couldn't believe it, and I still can't believe it! I fell in love with Heath Ledger as an actor in "10 Things I Hate About You" which he starred in with another favorite actor of mine, Julia Stiles. Maybe it was the incredibly sexy Australian accent, or those gorgeous eyes, or that amazing smile...but I was done for! I love him in "The Patriot" where he played Mel Gibson's son but my favorite Heath Ledger movie of all time is "A Knight's Tale". I watch it every time it's on TV (which is quite often) and I never get tired of it! The only movie he was in that I never saw, and don't really care to see is "Brokeback Mountain" (so yes, I'm admitting here that I've seen "Monster's Ball", which I will never see again, and didn't even really see all of because we had to turn it off!!!!) but I thought he was so gifted and amazing, and I feel like we've been cheated because we will never know what he could have achieved had he been given more time. My heart breaks for Michelle Williams and their little girl Matilda! I just hope that the press and the country will leave them alone and let them heal as they will need to following this shocking accident! So friends, that's all for today. And if you see "10 Things I Hate About You" or "A Knight's Tale" playing on TV stop and watch it for a while, and think of the amazing talent that is no longer with us! Rest in peace, Heath!

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Nina said...

It is true, she cried! I love the fact that you appericate talent and the amazing contributions that others make to entertain each of us. You are such a tender heart:-) I agree, he was hot - oh that smile!