Saturday, January 19, 2008

Good news.... NO GREAT NEWS!!!!!

Today is such an exciting day for our family! This afternoon we went and signed the contract to build our home!!!!! We are sooo thrilled and excited right now I can't even tell you! We will be building about 15 minutes from where we are now with Ryan Homes, a builder who has been building in this area for over 50 years. We bought a large corner lot to make sure that we will have plenty of yard, and a neighbor on only one side of us. We will break ground soon and the delivery date on the house is around the 15th of June. I can't believe it will be done that quickly!!! We will have a back yard for the summer!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!

We are building the Venice model which is 4 bedrooms 2 1/2 bathrooms. We are adding a morning room off of the kitchen to add some living space on the first floor. Mom is going to be building an aprtment in the basement with a bedroom, an office, a full bathroom, a kitchen and a sitting area. I think by the time we get done with it it will be around 3000+ square feet of finished living space. Now you can see why I am so excited. We're moving from a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom 1200 square foot condo with no back yard to this! YEAH!!!!!!!!

We took some pictures of us at the homesite but of course I can't find my camera now so I'll post them when I find it. And believe me there will be more pictures as we go through the process. But for those who would like to check it out you can find the picture of the Venice floorplan by clicking here.


Playful Professional said...

That's so exciting. I want to have our own place so bad!!

Playful Professional said...

Oh and just realized the link on your blog to mine (I assume it is to mine...) doesn't work : Just for sake of ease you may want to relink it :) Have a good Sunday!

The Fischer Family said...

Thanks Brit! None of them were working actually so I'll have try again! :)