Sunday, January 13, 2008

One "Wicked" Night

two tickets in the first balcony 4th row: $100

dinner for two: $45

one CD: $28


Getting to see the most amazing Broadway show ever: PRICELESS!!!!!!

Last night I got to see the show that I have been wanting to see ever since it debuted on Broadway 5 years ago- "Wicked". For those of you who don't know anything about "Wicked" it is the winner of over 50 awards- including Tony's (the Oscar of Broadway) and Grammy's, and tells the story of how the wicked witch of the west from "The Wizard of Oz" came to be. Basically, it's the story that you didn't see when Judy Garland went to Oz! And it is the most amazing thing I have ever seen! We have seen A LOT of shows, but this now probably ranks #1 in my book (and close behind follow The Lion King, Les Miserables and The Phantom of the Opera). I have been listening to the soundtrack for months now, and absolutely fell in love with the music, even though I wasn't 100% sure how everything fit together! But, nonetheless I loved it! So we were so disappointed when tickets for its 5 week run in Cincinnati sold out in less than 4 hours! We thought for sure we weren't going to be able to go.

Yesterday afternoon a lady we teach Sunday School with called to say that her husband was sick and wasn't going to be able to use his ticket. She asked if I wanted to go and I immediately jumped on the chance. She called back a few hours later to say that the other person that was supposed to be attending with them also had to back out and did Steven want the other ticket!?!?! Well yeah!!!!

So 7:30pm we arrived at the Aranoff center and found out seats, in the center balcony, 4th row. We were dead center! The seats were fantastic, even though we couldn't see faces perfectly- we had a full view of everything that happened on stage! Throughout the show I had to keep reminding myself to breathe! It was so exciting!!! It was also so hard not to sing out loud! I love the music so much that I had to sit there and lip sing with them because I just couldn't help myself! I loved "Popular" and "Defying Gravity". (The links go to performances of these songs- "Popular" from their performance on the Today show, and "Defying Gravity" from the Tony performance.)

It was an amazing 2 1/2 hours, and I LOVED every bit of it! This is one of those shows that you will never forget- and really REALLY makes me want to be on stage again! If only they could all be this good! So, if "Wicked" rolls into your hometown, and you can get your hands on some tickets (because they will go fast!!!) you need to go! Believe me, you will not be disappointed and you will have an amazing night of great talent, wonderful music, and lots of laughs (even a few tears!) It was one "wicked" night!


Jeannie said...


THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY MY POST!!! It was awesome to hear from you and to get to see your wonderful blog! Your children are beautiful!! It was so fun to read about them and to see the happiness you have in your life! Hope to talk to you soon! Love you guys bunches!


Playful Professional said...

I love Wicked!!! We went and saw it as a family on Broadway soon after it opened in 2005 and loved it. The music is amazing and story is great. And I'm actually lucky enough to get to go see it again. Richie's uncle actually used to be in a bunch of Broadway shows and now does all of the big time event catering for huge parties and stuff in NYC. Needless to say, he's on the VIP list. He actually got us the VIP house seats for the Sat night show the weekend of Valentine's Day. I'm SOOOO excited! We're going up with some friends and playing the whole weekend. I'm excited you liked it. You should come visit and we could sing all of the songs together!

The Fischer Family said...

Britni, I am way jealous! We are going to try and get in on the lottery they have every night of a show to get tickets again! My mom and her friend did that the other night and got 2nd row seats on the floor for $25 a piece!!!!!! And yes, if we make our way to DC any time soon we will dazzle the captial with our goreous rendition!

Dan B (no, not Bennett, think harder) said...

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The Fischer Family said...

Dan B, Thanks for stopping by! What an appropriate thing to do for a girl who played Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz in high school! I will have to check that out! Thanks for the tip!!!!