Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Eternal Question

On January 2nd, my mom and I climbed in the car with Michael (my brother), Bri and Jonah and drove 3 hours to Bowling Green, KY to visit Granny and Grandpa Adkins. That is always a great time! We were only able to stay Wednesday and Thursday night but we had a wonderful visit. We played cards, Harry Potter Scene It, talked family history, politics (especially since the Iowa Caucus was Thursday night!!!!) and ate some really good food!!!
Uncle Cory, his new wife Tonya (they married in May and Bri calls her Tona!) and Lauren came over Wednesday night.That was really fun! It was great to see them! Thursday we went over to see their house and Michael went to Lauren's school for lunch! He had so much fun but says he doesn't know how school lunch ever filled him up! (well, you were a lot smaller then! Or maybe not!?!?! LOL!!!)

Jonah with Aunt Tona!

The eternal question that I hinted to in the title of this post though is this: Why is it, when kids have a host of toys to choose from to play with, that they choose the tuperware cabinet?!?!? That's what happened at Granny and Grandpa's! Granny showed Jonah where "his cabinet" (the tuperware cabinet) was when she was trying to cook dinner Wednesday night to keep him out of the way! Then Thursday night I get these pics of Bri and Jonah, tuperware all over the floor, inside of the cabinet playing! Meanwhile, the loft upstairs full of toys was left lonely! So the old adage is still true today, give a kid a toy, they will have more fun with the cardboard box it came in! From here on out, I go to Kroger and get the boxes and save myself some money!!!!! Here's to childhood!

OH, You caught me!!!!!

Tuperware anyone?!?!?!

It's so fun to be a kid!

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Nina said...

Are those monkies on her butt? These two kill me, and I love every minute I get to spend with them. What a fun weekend they had at Granny and Poppy's - Bri is still talking about playing with poppy upstairs!