Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pictures of our home site

So I said I'd post some pictures from the home site when I found my camera. It was sitting on the front seat of my car, which probably wasn't great for it since it got down to 4* last night, but we'll see!

These are a couple of pictures that we took yesterday after we signed the contract for the house. The first is of Bri pointing on the map where our new house will be built. The second is of Steven, Jonah, Brianna, Mom and I standing in front of the sold sign on the lot! :) If we look like we are freezing we were- it was 15* out!!!!!!! But we were also sooo excited that we had to get a few pictures for the scrapbook! :) (and the blog!)

And just for one more picture to make you laugh- Mr. Man in his high chair enjoying a banana! Oh that boy loves his food!!!!!

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