Friday, February 8, 2008

You Want Me to Do What?!?!?

Our realtor stopped by yesterday afternoon to do a walk through of the condo and tell us what needs to be done to get it on the market. We knew we needed to do a few things (like shampoo the carpets) but we were thinking there'd be a lot more to do. He thought the carpets were the only thing we really needed to worry about. Well, that and cutting down on the clutter. He said that basically if we don't use it every day it needs to be boxed up and moved out!!!!! WHAT?!?!?! Boy, do I have my work cut out for me! I am the queen of clutter so I am NOT looking forward to this! (But Big Lots already loves me since I spent almost $70 there yesterday buying rubbermaid totes for clothes and blankets!!!)

Just to give you an idea of how much stuff we are talking about here- I'm posting pictures of our closets! (I can't believe I'm doing this- I'm going to die of mortification! Is that a word?!!?!) But I'm doing this in the hopes that this weekend I can post after pictures of all my progress and that will make me feel better!!!!!

So here they are:

Master closest

Yes, that is my wedding veil. (Don't ask!!!)

Kid's room

Coat closet

(Believe it or not my bathroom linen closet is actually pretty tidy! Bet you'd never guess that by looking at these other closets would you!?!??!)
So that's what we'll be doing this weekend? What's on your agenda? Whatever it is I hope it's fun and relaxing! Take time to stop and tell me all about it! Cause you'll hear about mine on Monday!!! :)


Crazy Daisy said...

my closets look similar to yours... I'm happy I'm not moving, yet!

Playful Professional said...

haha rough... good luck with that. At least when you move you can start with the reorganzing thing though. Our kitchen looks great now!

Nina said...
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Nina said...

Hey, is that an illegal mail bin the kids closet? You better watch out, big brother might be monitoring your blog :-)

Sarah said...

Good Luck!