Sunday, February 17, 2008

View from the top of a hill

This weekend Steven and I attended the annual ski trip with a group of our friends. They started this about 12 or 15 years ago because several of them have birthdays in the month of February. So every President's Day weekend we go up to Perfect North Slopes in Lawrenceberg, IN for the Saturday midnight ski. We ski from 9:00pm until 1:00am and just have a blast! Who would've thought that when I started dating my husband nine years ago that he would turn me into a skier, but he has and now it's my favorite thing about winter. Granted we are talking about skiing down the side of hills in Indiana (albeit pretty big hills!) but you've got to start somewhere right?!?!? I hope to one day ski on a real mountain, maybe in Utah or Colorado or anywhere that's not Indiana. But for right now I am perfectly content with navigating Far Side (our favorite trail), Backstage, Showtime, and Clyde's Superslide. But even after 8 years I've yet to try out Center Stage, which is this hill right in the middle of all of the trails and is a straight drop. Well, it has some slope to it obviously but not quite enough for my taste. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to try it....then again, maybe not!

This year we took Steven's little sister Michelle and her friend Sarah with us. They had never been skiing before. It was fun to teach them how to ski back and forth to keep from getting too fast and to point their skis in if they want to slow down, etc. The best though was teaching them how to get off of the ski lift and then falling myself at the top of our favorite slope trying to get off the ski lift! But in my defense I hadn't fallen all night long and I got hung up in Sarah's skis. I don't have an excuse for wiping out on the same slope half way down (I said it was because I was going too fast! In truth, I just lost my balance!!!)

But it was really fun and I'm looking forward to doing it next February, if I don't get to a real hill instead!


Jeannie said...

How Fun! It was great seeing you at church today! Your children are beautiful! Good luck with your new home...I know you have to be so excited!!! Love you guys.

Playful Professional said...

I haven't been skiing in way too long. Maybe someday I'll try it again!

MeganandNathan said...

That brought back some great memories of old Perfect North to see those pictures. I hope you guys had fun! It looks like it. If you would ever like to ski some real mountains, come visit me!!