Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Come Here Jonah, Snuggle With Me

That's Brianna's favorite phrase right now, "Come here, snuggle with me!". She is quite the snuggle bug, especially when she's tired. She'll look at you and say "Let's go snuggle" and you know in about 5 minutes she's gonna be out.

Last night it was really cold out. It was snowing and we were expecting ice early in the morning. I went go check on the kids before I turned in. I went to Brianna's bed and realized she wasn't there. I looked in Jonah's crib and this is what I saw:

She's done this on several occassions but it usually doesn't work out too well! They are both very active sleepers, tossing, turning, flipping, kicking. He usually wakes up crying and then we have to try to get them both back to sleep. But they looked so peaceful in there together and it was so cold out, I thought, what can it hurt? They'll keep each other warm. But of course before I could turn in I had to get some pictures! Here's a few more:

Well, we did get the snow we were expecting, not quite 3-5 inches here but we definitely got the ice. Even NKU was delayed this morning so the roads must have been pretty nasty. Luckily I didn't have to find out because my practicum school was closed so we slept in til 9:30! YEAH! I love snow days! (one more reason to be a teacher!!! Who else gets snow days?)

Oh and an update on our closets. We got our bedroom looking awesome and my job today is the kids room you know, since I've got a snow day. And then the hall closet and we'll be ready to list! I'll post pics when we're done but so far I'm really proud of all the work we've done. Have a great day everyone! Stay safe wherever you are!


Nina said...

Okay, did she take her princess blanket in with her, or did you add that? They are even cutier (is that spelled right?) asleep - ecspecially after today! Wow, what a run for my money did I get. . . I think the approaching weather front was working on them. :-)

Playful Professional said...

Hmm I think it's a sibling thing. I went and slept with Bren or Bry every night in high school just cause I didn't like sleeping alone. Still don't :)

Nina said...

How are they ever going to go into their own rooms in the new house? We may get a craft room and an office!