Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Inside of the house decorated - Check!

 Well as you all know we love Christmas! We start to decorate the day after Thanksgiving - it has been a tradition for a long time.  Now some may think you can have too much Christmas but we beg to differ.  This time of the year just brings so much happiness knowing that our God sent us a savior to be born in a stable.  In our anticipation for Christmas we prepare our homes for this joyous time of the year.  We are so blessed to have such a wonderful faith and family!

Here are some pictures we took around the house!  We hope you enjoy because we sure do.  There is nothing like turning all the lights off in the house and just leaving on all the Christmas lights on.  Seeing the illumination from the lights are just is so calming.  Also it makes you want to keep the house clean so it even looks prettier.

Anita bought some adorable window clings that we put in the morning room and kitchen windows.  We also added garland with color lights and a red bow to our sliding glass door that leads to no where.  As you can see we brought up the patio furniture which is coming in handy for playing the Wii and also for family get together's.
Well we couldn't pass up these new Christmas ornaments.  Our old ones were starting to fade and once we saw these aqua and brown ornaments that matched our color scheme we had to buy them.
 Our Christmas caroler's always find a place to go - Aunt Theresa bought these for our first Christmas.  The aqua and brown poinsettias also make a nice touch to the garland.

 I bought this village when I worked at Thriftway.  I always waited until after Christmas when they were all marked down so I probably spent like $4, if that, for each building which was a steal.  Over the years we've made little additions, this year I added some spot lights to reflect on the water.

 The main village which sits on top of the entertainment center.  The camera Anita bought for Kari's birthday takes panorama shots - isn't it awesome.
 The Angel room is one of our favorites.  Anita really has a special touch when it comes to decorating.  This year she changed the colors from burgundy to red.  With the walls it just pops not to mention you never saw Santa wearing a burgundy suit!
 Still waiting for baby Jesus to come.  Then of course the wise men that our spread out in the house will come on the Epiphany.  We added a tree and some garland this year.  We love manger scenes - I wonder why?

 Speaking of manger scenes - Anita made this a while ago and it found it rightful place in the morning room.  You can even see it from the street through the sliding glass doors.  Didn't she do a great job!

Anita's Vintage Tree!

Isn't this manger scene precious?

How true is that saying?!  Can we say "AMEN" or as the kids say with Santa - I BELIEVE!

 Brianna says if you don't believe then you are on the naughty list - our kids are so smart!
Anita's kitchen window - great find on the candles!
Yet another perfect spot for the candles!

Anita couldn't pass this sale up - what a perfect decoration!
So those were some shots around the house.  Now that is not all of them believe it or not because we have to keep the surprise.  So come and visit because it is so much better in person!  Now don't come just to see our house all lite up but to spend some time with family and friends.

We are all excited to have Uncle Chris and Josh for Christmas. Pa-Pa Chip is going to be spending some quality time with the family as well.  Since Chris is coming in town Nana and Aunt Stacey are going to stop in so we can't wait to see everyone.  Don't you just love Christmas?  Remember to keep the spirit of Christmas alive in your hearts and that God loves you!  What a gift and blessing each on e of us are to each other!


Kori said...

Wow! You guys have got some major holiday cheer! That is so impressive that your family takes so much joy in putting up (and having to take down and store!) all of those Christmas decorations! The outdoor lights are truly amazing! I love all of those wreaths in the windows.

The Fischer Family said...

Thanks Kori! My husband is a work horse! I really don't like to decorate (or take down anything!!!) but mom and Steven do so I let them go crazy and I sit back and enjoy it all!