Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving 2010
This year was a little unique for Thanksgiving.  With Anita having such a big heart she opened our house to all of Michael's friends from college that couldn't make it home for the holidays.  So they spent the night on Wednesday and the fun began.  This group knows how to have a good time and they enjoy being around the our kids. I am not sure if it because they like the kids or their toys so the debate is on.  Just kidding the kids really enjoy when their Uncle Mac and his friends come over!  Not to mention its better they eat it while it is hot rather than Michael taking left overs to them after the fact!
Table set - check!
Always need dessert - Sugar Creme pie is the best!

  After prayer we all went around and said what we were thankful for.  The overall consensus was the opportunity that we have to have family and friends to share this meal wit along with all the blessings God has given us! 
Time to eat!
Eat and socialize and eat some more!

Manda and Steven - we love to take pictures!

FOOD = Happy Micah!

 So after we had Thanksgiving at our house, then we headed to my Dad's side and celebrated Thanksgiving with them.  This year has been a great year - I have been praying hard for my father to come back into our lives for some time.  I've even had my "CRHP" friends praying as well! 
My father quit his job and obtained a job in the same field here in Kentucky and also moved to Kentucky so that he can be closer to our family.  He calls at least once a week if not more.  Having a relationship with your father - words can't even say how much that is a blessing.  It has been a long time and all we can do is move forward and now my children will know who my father is.  At this time in my life what I have learned in regards to being a father is from my Grandpa Sam and from Ed who has been the only father figure in my life after my mom and dad's divorce.  I have been blessed to have these two great men in my life and they can never be replaced.

Afterward we headed to my mom's to visit.  She decided to have knee surgery the day before Thanksgiving.  Not sure if it was really all about the timing of being off or if it was just a nice opportunity to have a break from all the hustle and bustle.  Just kidding mom - you do so much for the family and we are so grateful for you and I know it was all about the timing.  We are so glad that everything is going well and you are healing well.  

Now we know Thanksgiving is not just on Thursday correct?  We had a little break on Friday.  Well I should say I did since I had to work.  Kari decided to stay up with her mom and a few of Michael's friends.  They went and saw a late movie and then did Black Friday shopping hitting all the deals after midnight while the kids and I fell fast asleep.

Then the second round came on Saturday we had yet another Thanksgiving at David and Kathy's for the Ruschell side.  My Uncle David being creative as he is managed to add on to his table and the entire family was able to sit and eat together.  Now there were a few absent from the list but it was amazing to have 27people sitting at one table to see how big our family has grown over the years.  It has been some good times over the years. 
Is it time to eat yet?
Then came the final round of Thanksgiving.  We didn't stay long - mainly just showed our face and left.  The Fischer's decided to have Thanksgiving at an Italian Restaurant in Dayton, KY.  We knew that we wouldn't make dinner since we had the Ruschell's so we told them we would stop by later and have dessert.  Well we got there around 8PM, and they all were there at 7PM and still waiting to eat.  They were in a small room that was suppose to be for 16 and everyone was very crowded and there wasn't any room in the inn for us.  It was good to see everyone - but with kids in a packed restaurant it wasn't going to last long so we didn't get dessert and just headed home.  So hopefully we will get to spend more time with the Fischer's at Christmas since that is at someone's house.

So that is how the Fischer family spent Thanksgiving - wish we could of seen all the family but as you can see with little one's it is hard to hit all.  So Granny Linda and Nana we are so grateful for you both and we hope to see you soon.

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