Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Brianna!

Well it is hard to believe but our little girl turned 6 years old on November 19th.  It seems just like yesterday that we heard the words "It's a girl!"  Who would of imagined that she would become such a sweet little girl that we are so blessed to call our daughter.  We are so proud of you Bri and we thank God for allowing us to be your parents.  You are doing so well in school, so eager to learn, and from what we hear from your teacher as well, very reverent.  As parents we realize that the home is the first church and we must show you not only by word but by example.  You are such a forgiving and passionate little girl and we can't wait to watch you grow some more.

Your birthday fell on a Friday and happened to be the opening day of  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows movie and that is what you wanted to see. So we headed to grab a bite to eat then to Great Escapes in Wilder, met your Aunt Shelly and watched the movie.  Nina watched the boys so it was just you and us!

Daddy and his little princess!

Then came the day of Bri's  party.  Jonah and I headed out and did some last minute shopping to get ready for the party at 2pm.  Then the girls started to show up. Kari  did a wonderful job making the cup cakes and they were so delicious.  She made them rainbow inside with pink and purple batter can you say - YUM!!!

So to celebrate your birthday we had what was called a "Fashion Party".  You were able to invite some friends and then we also invited Ga-Ga Kim, Ga-Ga Nancy, Nina, and Grandma Joyce.  Your great Aunt Mary also came to be one of our judges.  Then came the stylist; Aunt Shelly, Aunt Samantha, Kristi (cousin) and then Manda (uncle Mac's friend).
To start the party we had an activity.  Each of your friends were able to design a picture frame which later would hold an individual shot of them and the birthday girl!  Once their frames were ready then it was off for nails, makeup and hair.  Then it was time for the runway! 
Bri and her friend Nadia designing their picture frame!

Aunt Samantha doing the birthday girls hair!

How does she look!  Is this our little girl?
Julianna, Kiliegh, Alex, Brianna, and Nadia after their runway!
Nadia won a fashion barbie since the judges picked her as the winner!  All the girls did great and had a blast!
The stylist's with the birthday girl.  Manda, Aunt Michelle, Aunt Samantha, and Kristi

"Happy birthday to Bri"

So yesterday was your birthday that's what we do know.
What a wonderful feeling your one more year old.
On the cake they'll be candles all lighted for you,
and the whole world is singing ~ Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Brianna,
Happy Birthday to you!

Brianna and Ga-Ga Nancy

Can't have a party without a goodie bag!
So the "Fashion Party" was a success and Brianna received a lot of wonderful presents,  She received birthday wishes from Indiana - so thanks Nana!  It means so much to have so many friends and family in our childrens lives - we are truly blessed! Happy Birthday Brianna!

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OH MY CUTENESS! Look at her! She looks so grown up!