Monday, March 1, 2010

Shine On

Last night I had the chance to go with mom and my Aunt Stacey to the Trace Adkins/Martina McBride Shine On tour! It was AWESOME! I had seen Martina McBride years ago with Reba McIntire and some others for the Girls Night Out tour, but I had never seen Trace Adkins before! He was awesome! His songs are so upbeat and fun to sing along to (although some can be a bit inappropriate!! Just ask his momma!) But his ballads are phenominal! He was so high energy and really brought the crowd to their feet! By the time he was done the crowd was rearin' to go and ready for Martina.

Martina McBride is one of my favorite country singers and has been for years! In fact, when I auditioned for American Idol in 2005 I auditioned with her song "In My Daughter's Eyes". She didn't do that one last night, but she did just about everything else from "This One's for the Girls", to "Concrete Angel" and "Independence Day" to "When God Fearing Women Get the Blues". She is just amazing! What a set of pipes that woman has! WOW!!!! Everytime she opened her mouth I just got goose bumps. After she performed "Broken Wing" the crowd was on their feet and clapped and cheered for a good 3+ minutes. She just stood there shaking her head, you could tell she was overwhelmed by the response! She was literally speechless. I'll tell you what, people in Cincinnati love their country music and I think she was feeling the love by the time she got back on her bus to return to Nashville!

One of the coolest things was when she rose up out of the stage sitting on a quarter moon seat, floating over the crowd and singing "Concrete Angel". She floated out over the crowd and to the back of the arena, where a smaller, revolving stage was positioned. She performed the rest of the song back there and then another new single from her new album. Was that a treat for the people in the back or what?!?! And it was thrilling for everyone as she floated over top of them! So cool! Kind of reminded me of the 'NSync concert back in the day, when they flew over the audience singing "Sailing". Stuff like that is soooo cool!

She is absolutely the best and I hope she comes back soon because I will go see her again! We love you Martina!!!!

And thanks Mom and Stacey for such a fun girls night out!

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Diana said...

Looks like so much fun!!!