Monday, March 8, 2010

Letting Go

So, I had decided to participate in the Spring Fling challenge over at Life Frosting. The challenge is to get rid of 100 things by the first day of spring, March 21st. Today I got a start on getting things out of my house! Tomorrow the Am Vets are coming by for a pick up, so today I tackled the office! Our office is the bane of my existence! It has become the dumping room! Some of you may be thinking, "Oh come on! How bad can it be?!?!!" Well....(Steven close your eyes now!) I took pictures so that I had proof!

These bins have been piling up along the wall for weeks! (OK...months!!!) They were full of Bri's old clothes, Jonah's old clothes and lots and lots of baby clothes! (It's obseen that my children have that much clothes!) This doesn't include the piles that were starting to accumulate in the laundry room as well! Well, after several hours of work I turned this into this:

8 bags of clothes to go to Am Vets! Over 200 pieces of clothing (and the worst part...I'm not done yet!)

This bin has winter coats, snowbibs, hats, gloves and scarves. I'm afraid to put it away totally because as soon as I do this gorgeous spring like weather will be replaced by a blizzard with 5 feet of snow :P

This is what's left of the clothes that Jonah has outgrown to be handed down to Micah, and clothes that Jonah hasn't grown into yet.

I also ended up with 6 piles to make lots to sell on Ebay, everything from maternity clothes, to newborn clothes, to some of Brianna's spring dresses and her jeans that she's outgrown (all her jeans are perfect because she hates to wear jeans! She says they are scratchy!)

And then I threw out a bag with about 40 items that were stained and ripped, etc. So far I feel great about this challenge and I'm so glad that I chose to participate because it made me get rid of a lot of things I kept saying I was going to let go of but just wouldn't until now! Why do we hang on to "stuff"? I hope I can turn a corner and hang on to the memories instead!

Head over to Life Frosting to join in the challenge and the fun! (Because simplifying is fun!!!)
Spring Fling 2010


Playful Professional said...

I specifically did not take pictures of my before because it was really embarrasing. Like I'm talking couldn't see our bedroom floor for three months embarassing. But now it's spotless and a place for everything :)

Jauna said...

hey send me a message on facebook when you go to sell bri's stuff on Ebay, i have 2 little girls ya know.. =)