Saturday, December 5, 2009

Need a Good Laugh?

In need of a good laugh? Just listen to a baby giggling away and you can't help but laugh too. I found the following clip from Youtube on a genealogy website (of all places!) and Bri and Jonah watched it about 3 times, laughing until we cried each time. This little guy, Ethan is his name, is hilarious!

So I decided to look at some of the other laughing baby posts. Here's another one. This kid has a GREAT laugh!

Then there's Morgan. (So super funny!!!!)

Then there's twin baby boys Peyton and Brennan, 4 months old, laughing at each other in their crib. Too cute, especially when Brennan (on the right) gets hiccups!

And finally, there is Charlie and Harry. You may have seen this one before but this is so Jonah and Micah soon! Plus, I love how proud Charlie looks!!!

I know this is a lot of videos, but they were so cute, and really brightened my day! I thought someone out there might be able to use them too! Nothing like a baby laughing!

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Anonymous said...

OH my gosh, loved those videos. Aaron used to laugh like that when he was a baby and it was the funniest thing ever, people would stop and watch it was so hilarious. I wished my other kids would have done that but no one ever did. Too bad YouTube didn't exist back then! lol Thanks for bringing back some memories! ---Amy