Thursday, December 10, 2009

5 Months

Our little baby is now 5 months old! Some days it feels like it's gone by so quickly, other days it feels like he is staying a baby a lot longer than Bri and Jonah did. Part of that is probably that I am home with him all of the time and so I don't notice the subtler changes that I probably noticed since I was away from Bri and Jonah more.

He is such a delightful baby. He LOVES to smile! And his face completely changes when he smiles, it totally lights up! He has discovered his tongue and it spends a lot of time out of his mouth! :p He has discovered his hands and his feet, which is especially funny when he is wearing an outfit with little characters on the feet. His hands spend a lot of time in his mouth! He LOVES faces and when you're holding him he is constantly touching your face. When he's on the floor for floor time he rolls back and forth from his back, to his side, and back to his back. He'll do that over and over again. He's rolled over a few times from his tummy to his back, but you can tell it totally throws him off! He'll lay there looking at you like "What just happened!" He's not an offical roller yet. (Which is fine by me...once the rolling starts, the crawling starts, and I'm not ready for that yet!!!!) He is starting to reach out and grasp on to objects. I'm really starting to work on it with him (especially so he can enjoy his Christmas presents!!!!) He loves cereal and eats at least one, if not two servings everyday. He is now back to sleeping through the night! (YEAH!!!!!) He has also tried sweet potatoes and he LOVES them! I can't shovel them in fast enough!

He is such a special little boy and we are so glad that he is part of our family. He makes it feel complete! Here are a few pictures of our Micah. Steven was trying to get a picture for his stocking holder (they have picture squares on them) and we got some great ones! Enjoy!!! (PS The dog that he is propped up on is a gift that I got from Steven on our first St. Nicholas when we were dating. All three of our kids have been posed on this dog for pictures at Christmas time! You could say it's a tradition!!!)

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