Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weekend Fun

This weekend was busy but good. On Friday my mom took time off work and drove up to Indy. We went up to get some office some supplies from my aunt whose company was bought out and they are moving to another office. They don't need all the office supplies so my aunt made it possible for us to grab some. We got a great corner desk for the office (that will be PERFECT for scrapbooking!!!!), a couple of filing cabinets to store scrapbooking and other craft supplies, a metal bookcase, and a lot of metal shelving units that we can bolt together and then bolt to the wall in the garage for food storage. It saved us THOUSANDS of dollars, and was worth the $100 or so that we spent in gas and food getting up there and back.

While we were there we also stopped in to see Nana and Bob for a few hours. Nana and Stacey and the kids had come over the week before to meet Micah, but it was fun to take him up and introduce him to Bob and Christina and her kids. While we were there the kids discovered the blueberry bushes that are on their property. Nana and Bob actually stumbled upon them by accident. They were in the yard and Bob was going to cut them down until they realized they had blueberries on them. The kids had a blast picking blueberries to bring home with us. I think Jonah ate more then he put in the basket! That kid LOVES blueberries!

Friday night Chris flew in from South Dakota to meet Micah for the first time. He got in very late so we didn't see him til Saturday morning...but it was so good to see him, even if it was only 36 hours or something like that.

We made blueberry pancakes with our freshly picked blueberries then we decided to go to the museum. We were going to go to the Children's museum but when we got there the kids saw the set up for the dinosaur exhibit and wanted to see that. So we went to see Dinosaurs Unearthed and I have to say that it was pretty awesome. Jonah was absolutely amazed and kept running around saying "Wow!", "Look at that!", "It's awesome, Uncle Michael! It's awesome!" (that last one he heard Brianna say first and then he started saying it over and over!) We thought he might be a little afraid because they had animatronic dinosaurs that roared and looked around and moved, but he LOVED it! Brianna also thought it was very cool. She's not as into dinosaurs as her little brother, but I think she learned alot on that trip.

So we got in lots of quality family time which is always good..and was especially good because Steven had return to work this week. I'm sure it's going to be hard for him to go back after 2 weeks of being with us 24/7 (then again...it might not be THAT hard!)

So that's what we did this weekend. What did you do?


K and T Gardner said...

Looks like lots of fun. Those dinosaurs look awesome

.......but you can call me Amy said...

Did you get to go inside the whole museum? We went to the Children's Museum up there a few years ago and it was INCREDIBLE! They had an actual mummy on display and Mr. Rogers tv studio. That's one of my favorite places to go.