Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some more pictures

So, we've been home for 5 days now and are still in the process of adjusting to life with a new baby as a family of 5. The kids are doing really well, although we have seen some examples of jealousy. It tends to be directed to each other though instead of Micah. (Like just now Bri came downstairs and told us Jonah had drawn on her door with markers. Clearly he was needing some attention...even if it was negative attention!)
Micah is doing really well! We had a home visit with a nurse on Monday and she checked his color, his temp, and his weight. He had gained 3 ounces since we got home which was excellent for only two days! She said he looked like he was doing great. He is a very content baby. He doesn't really cry unless he is hungry and I don't get to him as quick as he thinks I should, or if you undress him to change his diaper. (He hates to be undressed!) He is my only baby that likes to be swaddled. The other two didn't like that but he loves to be nice and tight. It could be something to do with him being early. He still sleeps alot, but is starting to have more awake periods where he just sits and looks around. We're trying not to hold him all the time and put him down when he's sleeping, which is the only reason I'm writing this now. It's so hard though because there is just something about holding a sleeping baby! Especially one as sweet as Micah!

I am doing really well too. I definately don't feel like I just had a baby 6 days ago! But I know that I still need to take it easy and not push myself. It's kind of hard because I want to help Steven as he is trying to get the house whipped back into shape. Yesterday was Bri's room and the kids playroom. Today is Jonah and Micah's room and our closet in our bedroom. I might be able to sit on the bed and help with that one! But mostly I'm spending my time holding the baby, trying to spend time with each of the kids, watching way too much daytime TV, and surfing the web. I'll be glad to get back to normal in a few weeks!

So without further ado here are some more pictures of Micah from his birthday.

That look is just pure love!

Jonah had a shirt that said "Big Brother" and Bri had one that said "Big Sister". We made them with them Wednesday night. (Not Micah's!)

The adoring big sister! (The marks on her face are a story for a different day!)

See- he can be sweet!!!!

Our beautiful kids!

How fast they grow!

Going home. He looks soooo tiny in that carseat!

Arriving home. My mom made that bow on the door! Isn't it awesome!!?!??! She should start selling them!

So that's the update for now! We go to the doctor on Friday for Micah's one week appointment and we'll post more about his progress then.


Stacey said...

We're trying not to hold him all the time and put him down when he's sleeping

Why? Did someone say this was important or was it just so you can get things done? He is only 6 days old Kari. Enjoy holding him every second! It is not going to do anything but make him feel more secure and bond more to you if you hold him often and that is a wives tale that if you pick up a baby each time they cry that they will get spoiled. YOU CAN NOT SPOIL AN INFANT. THEY ONLY CRY WHEN THEY NEED SOMETHING. So enjoy it!

Emily said...

Kari, is he adorable! Babies getting bigger means it is time to have another one!! I THINK we may start trying again in a few months. It seems like just yesterday when she was born. And I agree with Stacey. We all know how fast they grow up, so cuddle every minute you can get.

MeganandNathan said...

Congratulations, Kari! I still can't believe you have three children, but he is so gorgeous!! I am so glad everything turned out ok and you are home safe and sound!