Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tomorrow, Tomorrow..I Love Ya Tomorrow!

So yesterday was a very full day. We left the house at about 10 am for a 10:30 doctor's appointment. We discussed the results of the ultrasound and what implications the information we had recieved meant for the baby and for me as well. The doctor wasn't as worried about the fluid levels because they were still in the range of what they consider acceptable, he was more worried about the babys' size. If I had a history of having small babies they wouldn't be as concerned, but since Jonah was almost 8 pounds and Bri was 7 1/2, a 5 lb 7 oz baby is very small! So we decided to let him sit a few more days because he doesn't seem to be in destress and they will be inducing me tomorrow at 6:30 am. By tomorrow we will be at 38 weeks so he will be considered full term, although he will be looking at his own host of possible complications if this is indeed IUGR like they are suspecting. (IUGR is interuterine growth restriction)

Babies born with IUGR can have trouble maintaining body temperature, sugar levels, breathing on their own, etc. so we're just praying that he's big enough (not too much smaller than the 5 lb 7 oz they've predicted) and strong enough to do what he needs to do to thrive.

After the doctors appointment in the morning they sent us over to the hospital to do a biophysical profile. This is usually a better indicator of what's going on inside and includes another ultrasound and nonstress test. We got some amazing pictures from this ultrasound that I couldn't wait to share. They got some different numbers with their test, but the doctor had warned us that that could happen and not to get too encouraged if they got a different result than the other tests we have had. But he did really well, and we even got to see him practicing his breathing, which is really fascinating to watch! He passed the nonstress test with flying colors after a little stimulation from the tech. So we didn't get any really new info from those tests.

We finally got home around 5:30 (I was soooo exhausted!) and now we're just getting ready to go to the hospital in the morning and meet our little guy face to face! Steven has the kids at the aquarium for some daddy time and then we'll do some shopping, laundry, etc to make sure we're ready for when we get to come home (hopefully on Saturday!). We'll post pics as soon as we have access to a computer to do so! Thanks for your support and your prayers! We really appreciate it more than you know!

And I'll close with some of my favorite pics from yesterdays ultrasound:

His cute little face! Isn't he sweet?!?! I've never had one this clear before!

His nose and little pouty lips! And fingers there in the right corner (two I think!)

A shot of his little fingers! Soon to be wrapped around everyone's fingers I'm sure!

His toes. Those little buggers have been digging into my ribs for the past two months!
So another sneak peek at our little guy! We'll get to fully see him in a few short hours! We can't wait!


MeganandNathan said...

YEAH! I am so glad to hear that things are looking up. How crazy is it that you are having a third child tomorrow??? I will be thinking about you all day and I hope things go perfectly for you and little baby. Let us know ASAP!

K and T Gardner said...

Good luck to you! That's exciting that you are going to have a baby tomorrow :). I hope that everything goes well and you and baby will be healthy!

Diana said...

I hope you are having a great evening and get some rest before #3 gets here. I will be thinking and praying for you and baby to be healthy! Can't wait to hear more.