Thursday, July 23, 2009

2 weeks

What a life...sitting by the pool, rocking out to Michael Jackson, and writting on our blog. I love summer, don't you?!?!?! (And I love wireless internet! Such a great invention!) The sun finally came out this afternoon making it a very nice day indeed. Micah and I are just sitting here chillin' while Steven, Bri and Jonah are swimming with Steven's cousin Kaitlyn. And I thought, well, while I was sitting here that I would update you on the last two weeks.

Micah is doing really well. We were at the doctor last week for his one week check-up and he was 6 pounds 3 ounces, so he had gained back all of his birth weight and then a little more. He is 20 1/2 inches long. They said he looks good and healthy. He does have a clogged tear duct that causes his eye to crust up and get all runny, so we have to massage it 3-4 times a day to open it up. Hopefully that will clear up soon, some days it looks really good, and others not so much. Tuesday we got a call from the pediatrician's office saying that they needed to run his PKU test again. So yesterday we had to take him to the hospital for the test because his one from when he was born came back abnormal (well, actually they ran it twice, the first was abnormal, the second was normal!). The PKU tests proteins and amino acids and has a lot to do with metabolism. So hopefully this test will come back normal like the second one they ran and we can check that off the list. But we won't know for about two weeks. (Why I don't know because the first one only takes about 2 days to get the results so I don't know why this one is going to take so long!)

The other two are doing really well. They are adjusting well to having a baby in the house, the biggest problem we are having is with them being in his face all the time. Especially Brianna. She is always wanting to kiss him, which is fine, but she HAS to be right in his face. She can't kiss him on the top of his head, or his it has be on the check and then her hair and everything is all over him! They also can't leave him alone when he's sleeping, but we're working on it. But they are both doing really well and we try to involve them in taking care of him whenever we can. Like picking out his clothes, getting diapers and wipes for us, holding him, etc. They are both great little helpers! Now if only they could show as much enthusiasm for cleaning their rooms we'd be great!!!!

So all in all, things are going really well and we're all feeling good about where we are right now. Things just feel good, ya know?!?! So that's the 2 week update. And of course I have pictures to show off that we've taken today. Enjoy!


Stacey said...

do you have a pool at your house? Nice.

The Fischer Family said...

I wish we had a pool! No we go and mooch off Steven's aunt and uncle that have a pool and say we can come over whenever we want to, whether they are home or not! A pool is in our 10 year plan though!

MeganandNathan said...

You have three gorgeous babies! Nice work on that! I am glad to hear Micah is doing so well!!