Friday, September 11, 2009

Eight Years Later

Today is the eight year anniversary of the horrific attacks on our country by terrorists In NYC, DC and Shanksville, PA. I am sitting here watching the replay of the coverage from the Today show that morning, and it still makes me cry every year. Watching that second plane hit the WTC live, watching those towers fall, remembering the terror, that as a then 19 year old I had never felt before, brings it all back. I know I'll be a bad mommy today, sending the kids to play in other rooms, because I do become obsessed and want to watch whatever is on regarding this subject. I think it helps make sure that I NEVER forget what happened that day, all the lives that were lost out of hatred. I fear that too many Americans are becoming complacent. They complain about the cost of the war that has been raging, they complain that our last Administration did nothing to protect us, but it's because they have forgotten the absolute terror of that day. I never want to be that person, I never want to forget!
Many of you may remember the song "Heaven" that Bryan Adams recorded several years ago. One year after 9/11 DJ Sammy remixed the song with a letter written by a little girl to her daddy. Well, lots of people on Youtube have set that song to pictures from 9/11. Last summer I took a political science class dedicated to 9/11. The professor played this song to open the class (after he passed around a box of tissues) and there wasn't a dry eye in the room. To this day it makes me sob. I will warn you though that there are some graphic images, including people jumping from the WTC towers.

May we never forget the events of that day, never forgot those who were lost, and may God bless our country and protect our troops who are still fighting a war that started this day!

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Kori said...

I'm always grateful to those that help us remember events and people worth remembering. Thanks, Kari!