Wednesday, April 23, 2008


If you are a parent and you don't have that number somewhere accessible in your house here is the little voice telling you to put it somewhere! Those of you who have ever had to use it know that it is the toll free number for Poison Control. And if you've never had to use it you are very lucky! Twice this year I've been on the phone with the wonderful people who work for poison control and I am very grateful that they are there!

The first time was when Bri thought it would be good to give Jonah Purell hand sanitizer to drink. He immediately threw up (and you would too- apparently that stuff is nasty!!!) and began screaming! Upon calling poison control they assured me that he'd almost have to drink the whole bottle before we'd have to worry about adverse affects and to just give him some water to drink because it does burn. So, if you've ever heard about the little girl that died after licking her hands after she had just cleaned them with Purell- it never happened! Apparently they'd have to drink the whole bottle-and they'd never finish it-it hurts too bad!

The second time was yesterday when I discovered an empty bottle of generic children's benedryl and a sleepy little girl taking a nap on her bed at 3 in the afternoon. Bri doesn't take naps anymore.. I lost that joy about 9 months ago, so I knew something was a little off. She had been at the park all afternoon with her sitter so I thought maybe she was just worn out. Then I found the empty bottle and freaked out! I knew it had at least 5 tsp left in it, but I had no idea how much she had drank, or if she had drank any at all! I called the pedetrician's office and they told me to call poison control while they checked with the doctors. The lady at poison control did her little calculations (however they do that) and determined that Bri would have to drink 11-12 tsp before they would recommend her going to the hospital! 11-12 TSP!!!!!! WOW!!!!! Does that sound high to anyone else?!?!?! They told me just to let her sleep it off and that she could be irratible (great!), have a flushed face, dry mouth and dialated pupils.

Well, she did sleep for about 3 hours or so (she was with my mom because I had class) and when she did wake up they went to get ice cream and she doesn't remember that at all! She remembers sitting at a pink table (actually the table was white- she was eating strawberry ice cream!!!! LOL!!!!) but that's it. Today she has been fine-her allergy cough is gone (imagine that!!!!) and I feel very lucky! Apparently she spilled it first and then drank whatever was left so it wasn't the original 5 tsp I thought, thank goodness!

So, if you don't have a poison control sticker on your phone like I do, at least write down the number and hang it near the phone. You never know when you might have to contact them with something crazy like your child drinking Purell! And thanks to the people who work the phones at Poison Control. You have at least one mom out there that is very greatful that you are there to take our frantic calls! And go ahead and start a file for our family- I have a feeling you'll hear from us again! (Hopefully not! But maybe! With our record- it's very probable!)


Anita said...

Okay, I know it is not nice to laugh at drunk people - but if I had had a camera I would have taken her picture. While this was a terrrifying moment or two - actually three or four, when Kari informed me that poision control said to just watch her breathing, and to call 911 if she has any difficulty (as she gets out of the car, to leave her with me, as she goes to class). It took hours and hours before she could carry on a conversation or stand up for any lenght of time. Funny, in a goofey kind of way. Goofey Girl!

MeganandNathan said...

You have the craziest funny little kids! Now Bri can say that she has been drunk. That is something not many toddlers can claim!

Bethany said...

LOL, aw poor Bri!! I am glad she is okay, but that is a good story!!

Jeannie said...

I was on a first name basis with the poison center when Bethany was a baby. She kept me I can relate! They are wonderful though and I highly recommend that every Mom with small children keep their number close by.

Sarah said...

Thanks! I just programmed the number into my phone! Glad your kids are okay!