Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Recovering from Christmas

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I know we sure did! It's always so busy and hectic but it is still my most favorite time of year!
Our festivities started on Saturday when we had Christmas with the Fischer family at Steven's Aunt Debbie and Uncle Steve's house. This picture is of Kim, Brianna, Jonah and Michelle at the Fischer's.
Sunday we got a kind of break, except for church and then Monday began again full force. We had to run last minute errands on Monday afternoon (Steven got off work at 12:30 so that made it nice) and then we were at his Grandma and Grandpa's by 5. That's always an experience let me tell you! His grandparents have four kids living and married and 13 grandkids. Jonah, Brianna and I bring the count up to 16 (and Samanatha's BF Eric was there), so let's just it was CRAZY! But it was so fun to see all the kids playing together and to have time to sit around and talk and laugh and just enjoy one another's company. We try to keep Christmas presents low key at our house. When we got married we started a tradition of only 3 gifts (to represent the 3 gifts the wisemen brought to Jesus) and we told Santa to only bring 1 gift per child to our house because there are other kids who need the gifts more than we do! Plus, we know our families will go nuts! Which is kind of nice because we don't have to :) And they did. Monday night was obscene, but we are grateful to have family who love our kids so juch!! And we are appreciative. It is a major blessing! Here are some pics from Monday night.

Our little Christmas elf!

Bri and Jonah with Aunt Mantha!

Christmas morning dawned too early (especially since we didn't get in bed until after 2:00 am due to Midnight mass and talking to Santa!) and snow less! We were supposed to at least get flurries, but once again we got jipped! I actually had to wake everyone up to open presents if you can believe it! They were zonked, but once they got up they were so excited to see what Santa brought and to tear open their gifts. Our guidelines for Christmas presents are: 1 toy or game, one book set or movie and one outfit and jammies. Santa brought Brianna three Disney princess dress up sets, complete with tiaras, slippers and purses. Jonah got a ride on/push Tonka truck, to help him start walking.

Then around noon we headed to my mom's for Brunch and more gifts. Everyone pretty much took a nap and then we woke up and made dinner and then around 6 we headed to the Wauguaman's (Steven's father's family) for more Christmas! See why I called this "Recovering from Christmas"!?!?!? But it was absolutely wonderful and I enjoyed every moment (okay, well, most moments anyway!)

I hope your Christmas was just as great and that you'll be able to recover in time for New Years' Eve. Oh yeah, we've got big plans for New Year's Eve :P

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MeganandNathan said...

Your kids look so cute in their matching pajamas. They look like they are having so much fun. It must be fun to have kids who are aware of what was going on. Tate didn't have a clue!! :) Merry Christmas!