Friday, December 7, 2007

It's Almost Christmas!

That's what Bri keeps saying. Every night when we're driving around she'll see Christmas lights and say "It's almost Christmas!" How exciting it is to see Christmas through a child's eyes. We as adults get so caught up in the stuff we "have" to do during the season, we forget to stop and have fun! We got the Christmas decorations put up the day after Thanksgiving. (I should say, Steven did. I fell asleep!) I love the way the house looks during Christmas. It's so cozy and pretty! I also love our tree. Steven always makes it so gorgeous!

So does the fireplace and the village, and the manger scene, oh and the outside! I love it all! The kids got ornaments this year from St. Nick. Bri got a precious moments figure that is ice skating and Jonah got Sally and McQueen from Cars.
Aside from getting ready for Christmas I'm also bracing for finals next week (Pray for me!!!) and we're also preparing for Jonah's first birthday. Having a kid born so close to Christmas kinda stinks because it's so hard to find a place to have a party, or find time that anyone can come. So it looks like we'll be doing cake and ice cream the night of his birthday (the 19th) and then maybe a party in the summer! We'll have to see.
Enjoy the build up to Christmas. And remember to stop and remember the reason for the season-Jesus! May He bless you and your family during this wonderful season!

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MeganandNathan said...

Steven is quite the little decorator! I couldn't get my husband to stop watching football to help. So, Tate helped me!! I am so excited it is Christmas time as well!! I hope you guys have a WONDERFUL holiday!!