Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up- Friday Phone Dump Edition

Another busy week has come and gone in the Fischer home! Steven spent Monday and Tuesday at home, sick with an ear infection and sinus infection. I've been busy trying to finish up some organizing projects that got started but never 100% completed (like the playroom! It's almost finished and then I'll share it with you!). I've also been doing lots of laundry and dishes. We are winding down the school year- the kids get out on May 22nd, which means that we have 26 days left of til summer vacation, and 24 until Jonah's Kindergarten graduation! Being out before Memorial Day is kind of nice, but it also means that I have 5 weeks from the time they get out of school until we leave on our big road trip to Yellowstone! There is so much to plan, pack and figure out still. I'll be doing some count down to vacation posts soon and show you how we camp (and keep our sanity doing it!) with 4 kids!

I'm doing lots of reading still about the new "diet" we are trying to implement in our house. I found a great website the other day on Pinterest called the The Gracious Pantry. It looks like she has some awesome recipes, and I've gotten a lot of inspiration from her already. I can't wait to start following her! Today I'm hoping to experiment with making my own pizza dough so we can do homemade pizza tonight! I've never made my own pizza dough before but I'm going to be trying the crust from Crystal at Money Saving Mom. I'll let you know what we think! 

On tap for this weekend: nothing tomorrow. I'm sure Steven will be studying for his series 7 test that is coming up. I'd like to work on painting the bathroom. We'll see! Then Sunday we have PSR and church and then a birthday party for Steven's stepsister, Kayla. That's always a fun group to be with! No, really! They are really fun! I wasn't being sarcastic! lol

Now for photos from the phone from this week:

Spring is popping up everywhere! My Dogwood tree decided to show off this week!
We love Fisher-Price Little People! Micah created a world with daddy's help on Monday. A little later they created a circus which I forgot to take a picture of before it got destroyed!
Getting out invites for a cousins' baby shower. I can't wait til next Saturday!
This one is perfecting the art of the temper tantrum! The funniest is when he throws his head back and "cries" while he rocks himself back and forth. But there are no tears to be seen. He's watching and learning very well!
First batch of homemade taco seasoning. I really liked it, except that I felt like it dried out. I'm going to try to tweak it more to our liking and then I'll share it with you!
So that's our week in a nutshell. How was yours? I hope you have a great weekend! It's FRIDAY!!!


Anonymous said...

Kari I fear this placid, laid-back baby is now becoming more like his sister than just in looks...:-) We will have to get it on video this weekend to share with others

Gail said...

I love that picture of Eli. He's cute even when throwing a tantrum!

The Fischer Family said...

Mom, Yes! I'm afraid I'm loosing him to the dark side! lol

Gail, he is cute even when he's mad! It's very difficult because I want to laugh at him and I know I shouldn't! lol