Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Thoughts on 31 (the age, not the company!)

Saturday I turned 31. It wasn't nearly as hard as turning 30! I guess once you hit that milestone every year after that is just gravy! And I am totally starting to believe that old adage "You're only as old as you feel!" Although on days that the arthritis is really bad I feel 80! But in all honesty, I was talking to a friend from high school the other day and we were commenting on how it doesn't feel like we've been out of high school for 13 years. It just doesn't! I don't feel that far removed from high school (not sure if that's a good or bad thing! ha!) but then I look around and realize I have 4 kids, I've been married for 10 years this October and I realize yup...I'm a full fledged grown up now. And I'm OK with it! 

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day! The weather is finally shifting to spring here and I'm loving it! The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing. It was 75 degrees. I wore sandals to show off the pedicure that I treated myself to on Friday afternoon. Steven made breakfast (pancakes and bacon...yum!)

We went to lunch at my dad's new cafe and ate in the yard next door (it's a carryout only cafe but he has some seating next door and will be getting even more this spring. And there is a park across the street and a promenade too! So lots of options!) The food was so good. He follows the local food movement so everything he uses is from local companies and suppliers. And because he uses whats available his menu changes often which people really like. All the meat is grass fed, cage free, hormone and antibiotic free. He doesn't add unnecessary salt or sugar. The sodas he serves are made with 100% cane sugar and no HFCS and no artificial colors or flavors. I had the grilled cheese sandwich. It was delicious. Steven had the burger. Dad only uses Angus beef and Steven said it was awesome. Mom and the kids had the hotdogs. He only uses 100% beef hotdogs, so no pork fillers and things you'd never want to eat. The rat tail fries (named as such because they are skinny like rat tails!) are very tasty and he makes the ketchup and mustard from scratch. Try the Switch soda if you've never had it before. It's made from 100% fruit juice and carbonated water. It's incredible! And I highly recommend the Goetta Guinness Chili. Yes, as the name implies it is made with Guinness and it is genius! Especially on a hotdog!! He's going to start serving ice cream at the end of this week and it's actually going to be dairy free because he's had so many requests for it. And he says you'll never know that it's dairy free (except that I just told you!!! lol) So if you live in the NKY/ Greater Cincinnati area and want a great dining experience check out Piper's Cafe in Mainstrasse Village. It's located in Hamelin Square across from the clock tower, next to the Magic Shop and Wertheim's. OK, plug for Piper's is finished! lol. I am super proud of my dad though! He's wanted to own his own restaurant for a long time and I'm so happy that he's finally realizing his dream!

After we ate lunch we went over to the park and the kids got to play for a while. It was so fun to watch them run and slide and swing. Eli got to go to the park for the first time and swing like a big boy!

After the park everyone went home and laid down for a while (Micah was especially super whinny!!) Then around 6:30 we left the house to go out to Chuy's for dinner. If you have a Chuy's near you I recommend them. It was super yummy! I had chile rellanos and an enchilada. And a strawberry margarita. Oh how I love me some Mexican food :-) 

And of course I was spoiled to death by my family. Like I said I got a mani and a pedi on Friday. Steven got off work early and took the boys and I got several hours to myself. I needed a pedi so badly (especially since I was going to be wearing sandals and flip flops with the weather warming up!) I ended my afternoon alone with a double chocolate chip frappacino from Starbucks. Yum-O!! Then Friday night the kids were dying for me to open my present. So I obliged. Boy was I surprised!

I got a Kindle Fire last year so I definitely wasn't expecting a new Kindle Fire HD!! But I LOVE it!!! And the kids have inherited the old one to play games on so they'll leave this one alone! lol

I also received a new food processor and an electric wine opener from my mom. She also got me a case of chicken from Zaycon. That might sound weird to some but it is the best, freshest chicken I've ever had and will probably last us all summer (it was 40 pounds!!!) I love gifts like that!! My MIL and FIL got me a new purse and some body spray from Bath and Body Works. And my dad and Charles sent me these beauties:

And they came with a box of chocolates from the Sweet Tooth, which is a local candy store.
My brother Michael came over on Sunday and brought me some Sunflowers (my favorites!) and a cheesecake! Oh how that boy knows his sister! lol. My brother Chris (who lives in DC) got me a years subscription to Pandora 1. Totally awesome for this music lover! 

I also received several cards in the mail from grandparents (all of whom live out of town, with the exception of Steven's grandma.) that were lovely! I love getting a card in the mail don't you? It just makes you feel so special and loved!

Oh and I forgot to mention that Eli decided to end my birthday weekend by crawling! Yup, that's right! Nothing is safe anymore!!

Let me know if the video doesn't work. I'm trying to upload it with a link from FB but I'm not sure if you guys will be able to see it or not!!

So yes, it was a wonderful birthday! I felt super spoiled by the end, but that's what birthdays are for right??! Now to start planning the next celebrations around here: a baby shower for Steven's cousin Kristi the first weekend in May, Brianna's 1st Communion the next weekend and then Steven's sister's graduation party June 15th. Luckily, a week and a half after that we leave for vacation. I'm gonna need it after all this partying!!

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Happy Birthday Kari! I love you, girl. -Stacey (age 28 for the 10th year!)