Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Surprises in my Mailbox!

A few weeks ago my friend Kaysi from the craft blog Keeping it Simple hosted a couple of giveaways. One was a box from Pick Your Plum valued at $50. And guess who won it!?! Yours truly! I was so super excited! I stalk Pick Your Plum a lot but I've never ordered anything! I was stocked to be getting a box filled with some of their favorite products right now and I was not disappointed! The shipping was really quick, I received the package in less than a week. And when I opened it up it was filled to the brim! Here's a peek inside.

It felt like Christmas opening up the box!
A reusable piping bag and four different decorating tips. These are the extra large decorating tips like you would use to decorate cupcakes! I'm thinking about making some fun cupcakes for Easter using the top tip on the right hand side to make little nests on top, putting a Peep in the center and then hiding jelly beans underneath. I'll post and let you know how they turn out if I do in fact do them!
Wooden spoons. I have seen these all over the crafting world right now! People are taking Washi tape and decorating the handles. So fun! I'm thinking these will be used for a certain little girls birthday party this year. (And if I like them I'll have to get some more for Jonah's birthday party!) And aren't their little tags cute?!?!
Paper straws- AWESOME!! I've wanted these FOREVER!!!
An assortment of tags in lime green, coral, light gray and light blue. I can see these ending up on some scrapbook pages.
Gray and white twine. Not sure what I'm gonna do with this yet. Any ideas?
Pink  and white chevron gift bags (earmarked for a little girls birthday party!) and cardboard gift boxes. Those hold so many possibilities!
Two different kinds of clips. I love the curly Q ones. So fun! Hello scrapbook pages! But the silver ones are really fun too! I'm thinking add some really cool initial "jewels" to them and use them as bookmarks in Brianna's gift bags for her birthday party. She loves to read and they would be super cute I think!
I was so excited about this one! I love stamps!
Look how fun!! Scrapbook pages, cards, tags...oh the possibilities!
These were probably the kids favorite-glow in the dark balloons! You fill them with air, pull down on the tab and they glow in the dark! I mean, seriously! How cool!!! I'm thinking these are going to join us on our big camping trip this summer! How fun would it be to fall asleep at night to the glow of a glow in the dark balloon!?!? Whoever invented those is a genius!
 So that's what was in my box! What a fun surprise and a great giveaway! A big thank you to Kaysi from hosting such a fun giveaway and a huge thank you to Pick Your Plum for all of the fun surprises! Be sure to check out both sites and follow Kaysi's blog, especially if you like to craft! She does really great crafts that are easy but make a big impact. And believe me when I say they are easy...she's a soon to be mom of 5 (4 boys!!!) so she doesn't mess around when she gets down to crafting!

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