Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Meanderings-October 3, 2011

It's finally October! Oh how I love this month! The changing leaves, the cooler (but not quite cold) weather, football, apples, pumpkin pie, steaming cups of herb tea! Yup, I love this month!!! Time for another Monday Meandering hosted by Sarah over at In Light of the Truth. Come join us!

Bible Study... I have no idea what I want to do this week. I'm thinking maybe I will focus on one of the smaller books of the New Testament and read it all the way through.

Memory Verse... I'll choose a verse out of the book that I choose to focus on. I'll share more about these two when I figure out which book I'm going to focus on.
Husband Encouragement... 1) Making sure he has clean jeans. They get to wear jeans to work every day this week so I need to make sure he has his jeans cleaned every other night.
2) planning a date for next weekend. We will be married 8 years on the 18th and I want to find something fun to do to celebrate!

Train Them Up... Still working on TV/screen time. It's easier Monday and Tuesday when I have babysitting kids here. They are so busy playing they don't watch as much TV. The other days are a little harder. I have found a token system that I think will work really well, just need to clear it with Steven.

Personal Goals... I'm having a hard time with this one! I think it's gonna need some prayer and I'll try to add it later!

New Habit of the Month... laundry....washing, drying, folding and putting away! I usually miss a step here-I'll bet you can guess which one...yup! The last one! Focusing on one load at a time and following it all the way through until it is completed before starting another one. I may only get one or two loads done a day, but at least they will be completely done and my laundry room won't look like a disaster zone!

MUST Do...1) Shopping- we are out of everything! And there are great sales this week, and there were great coupons in yesterdays paper so I must go shopping!!!
2) Family Night on Tuesday evening-I think I'll finish up our lesson on All Hallow's Eve and we'll do that one.
3) Make sure laundry is done so I can pack for us to leave Friday for Indiana.

Zone... Master bed and bathroom. It looked great Friday, and the weekend came and let's just say it is not great now. So time to move back in there and get it straightened out this week. If I have time I might also work on our closet.

Menu -Monday- I have no idea!!! I'm gonna have to look and see, maybe tater tot casserole?!?
Tuesday- Apple pork roast in the crock pot, sweet potatoes, green saladWednesday- dinner out-My brother is starting to work as a server at a new restaurant in the area, so we're going to go see him at work on Wednesday.
Thursday- pot roast in the crock pot with potatoes and carrots
Friday- leave for Indy, dinner on the road
Saturday- we'll be in Indy so we'll either eat at the Fall Foliage Festival or we'll eat at my grandma's.
Sunday- we'll eat before we hit the road to come home.

FUN THINGS: 1) the Fall Foliage Festival this weekend in my mom's hometown. It's been years since we've been able to go so I'm really looking forward to it!
2) spending time with my Nana and seeing her new house.
3) family night on Tuesday!

3 things I'm thankful for today...
1) the change in the seasons. Fall always makes me so happy!
2) a fun date night out with my hubby this weekend. We had so much fun and it was nice to be together, just us!
3) A nice warm home to protect us during this change in the seasons. It's almost too cozy though, getting out of bed in the morning is difficult! lol

Well, that's it for this week! Have a blessed one!

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