Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What To Do with my Little Blog

So I've been thinking a lot lately about what to do with my poor, neglected little blog. I have a few followers, 35 at last count (thanks so much for following me!!!) but I know my posting lately has left something to be desired. So I've been thinking about a schedule that I could follow during the week to make sure that I'm posting more regularly.

On Mondays I think I'm going to join in with Sarah over at In Light of the Truth for her Monday Meanderings. I used to do The Simple Woman's Daybook, but she has stopped hosting it and what Sarah does is very much the same, but I like her format a little better. I have been following Sarah and her adorable family for a few years, ever since we were neighbors one day over at Menu Plan Monday, hosted by I'm an Organizing Junkie. I like that she includes a weekly menu plan so hopefully I'll start posting back at MPM, which used to be something I really enjoyed.

Tuesdays and Thursday I think will be just family related posts. What are we up to? How are the kids? Fun glimpses into our daily life.

Wednesday I think I'm going to start doing posts about what we are eating. I've been doing a lot of research lately about nutrition and eating real, whole foods. One of my new favorite sites is 100 Days of Real Food. The site is written by Lisa Leake who is a mother of 2 young girls. In 2010 they got sick and tired of the way the food they were eating was making them feel. So she put them all on a very strict real foods diet for 100 days and blogged about the results, along with recipes that worked and didn't and what she was learning. She started challenging others to take the 100 days of real food pledge, starting you off on a more manageable 10 day pledge and now has 14 weekly mini pledges that you can do (the link will take you to week 1s mini pledge). Her site is really fantastic. I have learned a lot there and it has inspired me to start making some real changes in our diet. So that should be a pretty interesting ride. I don't know that I'll go as strict as they are with their diet, but I think we'll be able to make some positive changes with the help of Lisa's great site!

Friday will be Family Night Friday. I will share with you what we did that week for our weekly family night. This is something that we are hit or miss about. But it is something that I really want to do regularly and I think if I'm using the blog to share my ideas and what we did it will make me more accountable about actually following through each week.

Saturdays I may or may not post. I guess it'll just depend on if I have something I was really want to share.

Sundays are going to Communion of Saints Sundays. Each Sunday I will post information about one of the hundreds of Saints that the church has. They can be such an example and inspiration to us and I have challenged myself to learn more about them this year, especially since I work with 8th graders preparing for Confirmation who have to select a confirmation name.

So that's what I'm thinking about for my little blog. Hopefully it will give me the motivation to write more regularly, and more than just "Oh look what Micah did...isn't that cute?!!?" although there will still be plenty of that going on too!


Shelly said...

You are inspiring me to get real on my blog. Lately I haven't felt like I had anything to write and it makes me not post as often.

I'm planning to get more organized with my posting schedule soon too. Thanks for this post.

In Light of the Truth... said...

Thanks for the "shout out" to me! Excited to see more posts!! =)

PalouseMom said...

I'm a new follower - found you through Shelly's blog. I'm looking forward to following, especially to see how your "schedule" works for you. I'm new to blogging and have been struggling a bit with what form I want my blog to take - you've given me some good ideas!

Amazing_Grace said...

Post when you can and don't worry about a schedule. I would love to see more of what you do in your classroom. :)