Friday, June 3, 2011

We Survived Kindergarten

I can't believe that the school year is over! It feels like only yesterday we were sending Brianna off for her first day of real school, and now we are surviving the second day of summer vacation! It feels like only yesterday I was taking these pictures...

Wednesday before she left for school we went out onto the deck and took some pictures by our new water feature. Looking at these pictures it struck me how much she grew up this year! 

1st Grade here I come!!

Our beautiful princess!

The diva pose! lol
This little girl has learned so much during the year! She reads books with little to no assistance. She ties her shoes. She can make her bed and clean her room all by herself. She rides a bike. She can shoot a basketball and hit a volleyball like it's nobody's business. She can swim without floaties (in the shallow end anyways!) She writes everything. She can color within the lines. She actually ended up being quite the little artist, and a piece of her artwork was chosen for an Art in the Park day! She made lots of friends (the birthday parties got about ridiculous this year! lol) Her teacher said she would miss her sweet spirit and her love for the Lord that she shows in prayer. She grew up so much it kills me! 

I got a few pictures after school when I went to pick her up. I especially needed a picture of her with her teacher for a her scrapbook, so that was number 1 on my agenda. But I snapped a few others with some friends too!

Brianna with some friends.

Brianna and a friend with their Kindergarten aide, Mrs. Stoll.

Brianna and her teacher, Mrs. Ross. She was a fantastic teacher and we will miss her next year!
As much as it's hard to watch our little girl grow up, it's also very exciting! It's amazing to watch your children become their own people! There are lots of growing pains along the way, but the rewards are so worth it! We're looking forward to a wonderful summer, and a terrific year of first grade next year at a new school.

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