Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day 2011

November 19, 2004 my husband became a daddy for the first time with the birth of our daughter, Brianna. 2 years, 1 month later, December 19, 2006 we welcomed our first son, Jonah. And on July 9, 2009, the day before Steven's 31st birthday, we welcomed our 2nd son and 3rd child, Micah. Over the years I have watched him grow into being a wonderful father. He loves his children and they adore him! He works so hard to provide for our family, and he doesn't ever complain about it. He not only supports me being a stay at home mom, but he wouldn't have it any other way. 

Over this past year Steven has been able to rebuild a relationship with his dad. They hadn't had a relationship for years, in all the time that we've been together (12 years) and even before that. But it's been amazing to watch this year as they have let the past go and have decided to move forward and build a life together. This was the first Father's Day that they had celebrated together in all those years, and it was very special to be apart of. He recently started renting a place along the river, has a boat, and lots and lots of fishing equipment. Some of it belonged to his younger brother, who passed away right before Christmas last year. It was pretty special watching the kids fishing with Uncle Dave's fishing poles. I'm sure he was smiling at all the fish they were reeling in! Steven took some pictures on his phone (of course, I took the camera, but didn't get it out of the car!!! What's wrong with me?!?! And I also realized we got no pictures of Steven with the kids, or him with his dad!! Geez, I'm slipping!) But we had a wonderful Father's Day, and I hope you all had a special father in your life that you got to celebrate as well!

Brianna's first fish of the day-and Papa Steve showing it off!

A close up of the fish-it was a pretty biggin!
Jonah's first fish of the day- I think he looks like he's about to pinch it!
Poor Daisy Duke- Micah decided at one point that she was horse and decided to ride her! She just laid there and let him climb all over her- what a good dog!
Steve's boat- he bought it for $1000 (used, obviously) and had to put about another $600 in it, but it is awesome!!!
This little guy waited so patiently while everyone was fishing for his first boat ride. He loved every single minute of it!

We decided Brianna will be up on water skies by the end of the summer- I can see it now! Her daddy will have to teach her though, I've never been able to get up!
Micah wasn't too sure what to think about the boat. At first he was terrified, but by the end he was yelling "Whee!!" with the rest of the kids!
Ahhh, this is the life! I agree, dear boy! I agree!
Have a blessed day! It looks like ours is going to be a stormy one! I hope you get sun wherever you are!

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