Friday, April 15, 2011

Updated Family Pictures

Even though, come November these will already be outdated, we had family pictures taken a couple of weeks ago. I have to say that these are my favorite family pictures ever!!!

Our family of 5, just months before it becomes a family of! That is so crazy to think about! Last night at dinner things were a little crazy. Brianna looked at me and said "And you want to have another baby!" I looked at her and said "Well, Bri...there's nothing I can do about it now!" She said with the straightest face "Well, just don't have it!" lol...I just started laughing and then she said "If you keep peeing on that stick it's just going to say 'You're pregnant. You're pregnant. You're pregnant like 100 times!" By that point I was rolling...if only it was all the sticks fault that I'm so tired, slightly nauseous and just all around blah all the time right now! The funny thing is she is very excited about the baby most of the just tells you how hectic things must have been for her to be so negative! lol

Overall though things are going very well. I am 9 weeks along and already starting to show. I had to go out and buy some maternity clothes the other day (since I gave all of my stuff away just a matter of months ago!!!) because my pants are already tight. And not just tight, I have a certified baby bump already! lol I have barely had any morning sickness which is a HUGE improvement over the other three who I was sick with from the time I'd wake up until I would go to bed! I am just exhausted and my house is starting to show it! Looks like really tiny baby steps are going to be how I survive this pregnancy! Well, I've been sitting on my butt long enough this morning. Time to find the energy to do something...maybe I'll go fold some clothes...I can sit on my butt to do that right!?!?!

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Shelly said...

Those family photos are gorgeous. I especially love the first one because everyone looks truly happy in it--and that is a rare thing to capture in a photography session with a family of 5, I'm sure.

I'm glad you haven't had much morning sickness, and hopefully the 2nd trimester leads to more energy.