Friday, April 29, 2011

Today I Wish I Was British!

Today the much anticipated Royal Wedding of Prince William of Wales to Catherine Middleton took place in London. I have had a love affair with Prince William and the House of Windsor for as long as I can remember. I had such a crush on William growing up! When I was going to grow up I wanted to move to London, meet William and become his Princess! Well, that obviously didn't happen, but today he married a truly stunning and regal woman. I was up at 4 am this morning to watch the coverage from beginning to end (although, it still hasn't ended. Even as I write this all the major news organizations are still talking about it and showing recaps! I'm loving it!! lol) I laid on the couch and watched as the guests filled into Westminster Abbey. I remember all too well the funeral of Princess Diana in that amazing structure and noticed how completely different the mood was around this occasion. (I was 15 when Princess Diana died, and got up at 5 in the morning to watch her funeral. I remember crying sooo hard, especially watching the Princes walk behind her coffin on the way to the Abbey. I was a huge Diana lover, and at that time even had her hair cut! Yes, at 15! I told you I've always had a love affair with the Royal Family!) It was sad to think that she wasn't going to be there to spend this day with her son, whom she so adored! But I know she was smiling down on them and must have been bursting with pride for her son!

And while I loved watching all the guests arrive I started getting so excited when Princes William and Harry left Clarence House for their trip to the Abbey! Everything happened so quickly from there! I caught my breath as Kate stepped out of the Rolls Royce in front of the Abbey. Her dress was gorgeous! It was simple and elegant and oh so Kate! Totally her style and just perfect! One of my favorite moments was seeing Harry turn around to catch a glimpse of Kate as she was coming down the aisle and then turned to his brother and said something. I wish we knew what it was...but my bet is it was something like "Dude! You are so lucky!" lol

The detail on this dress was incredible!!! I loved the lace and the veil was beautiful too!
Photo courtesy of the Today Show

Now that's a Princess wedding dress! And here's a shock-it's modest! Her boobs aren't hanging out and it isn't strapless..definitely not an American Designer for this dress! lol
  The service itself was beautiful, and again very simple. I think the thing that surprised me the most was how normal it all seemed. Just another man and woman coming together on a day to get married, but this wasn't just another man and woman. This was the future Queen and King of England! It was unreal because it didn't feel stuffy and too "British", which the Royals are often accused of being. I think it shows that maybe the future of the Royal Family is going to look very different than the present.

I thought it was interesting that she was the only one who got a ring! And it was so simple and beautiful!
 I loved watching them on the balcony at Buckingham Palace. Kate's face when they walked out was priceless, and she said "Oh wow!" lol-Oh wow is right honey! Your life is forever changed! And lucky for her the British people seem to love her! I know I do! (And I'm not British, although today I wish I was!!) The first Royal Kiss was a little disappointing, but knowing how shy Prince William is and how he doesn't like PDA's I was kind of surprised we got one at all! But not to upset the crowd a few minutes later there was another kiss, this one longer and much more satisfying to the crowds gathered below! They looked totally at ease and like they were thoroughly enjoying themselves. That was great to see! 

Photo courtesy of the AP (Associated Press)
Then, the big surprise a few hours later, when William and Kate drove out of Buckingham Palace in Prince Charles's Ashton Martin, top down, decorated like any newly married couples car. William was behind the wheel, and they both looked so comfortable and so radiant! The crowd went crazy! It was so fun! And I think it really showed the personality and fun side of these two!

Could she be any prettier!?!? It really makes me want to gag! lol!
 I can't wait to see pictures from the reception, especially Kate's dress! I have a feeling she won't be wearing that Alexander McQueen dress to dance the night away! Above all though, I hope they have the time of their life and live up every second of it! Congratulations Prince William and Princess Kate! You are helping the world believe that fairy tales can and do come true! Never let go of the love you felt today! I can't wait to see what your life together will bring!

And just in case you didn't get up at 4 am and you somehow haven't seen any of the coverage from today, here is the Royal Wedding, in 3 minutes! Enjoy!


Renee Jansen said...

I also loved every second of all the festivities today!

And did you know that some lip-readers have analyzed what they said during the service? When Kate walked into the church, Harry said to William "Wait 'till you see her yourself". And what I found een more hilarious is that William said to Kate and her father (at the beginning of the service) "I thought this was going to be a small family affair". I just love them so much!

And by the way: you have a really bright, nice to read way of writing!

The Fischer Family said...

Thanks Renee for your kind words! I had heard the line that Prince William had said to Kate's father, but I hadn't heard what Harry had said to William. How sweet is that!?!? I think I love Harry more and more every day! lol

In Light of the Truth... said...

We don't have TV so I didn't watch all the stuff, but I did catch up with some of the videos online, and Kate is just sooo beautiful! She and Will make a cute coupe, a REAL couple! Not some arranged couple or something! And I thought the whole ROYAL wedding would be so gaudy with fancy fancy stuff, but it wasn't--she was dressed simply and so beautifully! And all of it just seemed so sweet! And I LOVE what Renee added about the lip-reading--how fun to know what they were saying! =)

I was watching one of the videos this evening with the kids and Eli said they were driving away in a Limo because the car had an L on the front of it. So cute of him to #1 remember what a Limo is and #2 know that it would start with the letter L.

Fun times!! Made me tear up, as I was explaining to the kids that this was a REAL LIFE prince n such!