Monday, August 16, 2010

Vacation Day 4, 5 and 6

Once again, I'm sorry for the long delay in between posts. I really need to get my act together :) But I wanted to finish chronicling our wonderful summer vacation this year. Our 4th day was also spend in DC, although with the heat it was too hot to walk around and see monuments like we had hoped. So we decided to pop into the Museum of the American Indian. That museum wasn't there the last time that I was in DC and it is incredible! It's very easy to let your imagination run away to the days of cowboys and Indians, or Pilgrims and Indians while walking through the displays. The kids really enjoyed it too! And we saw a really neat multimedia presentation that was very unique and inventive. Really a lot of fun! 

The outside of this museum is my favorite!

 This is the neatest statue...and the carving goes all the way around! So cool!

Canoes in the lobby from different tribes.

After the museum we decided that Steven would take the kids back to the hotel to swim, nap and have dinner and mom, Michael, Blair, Chris and I continued to walk around town. We went to the Museum of Art, particularly to view the Norman Rockwell exhibit. That was really neat, especially since the paintings were out on loan from Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. The pieces are such a part of American History and it was so incredible to see them in person. 

We then walked to mom's favorite Chinese restaurant in China town for the best noodles I've ever had in my life! They are made in the front of the restaurant and I had to get a picture of the guy who made them. It was too cool to watch!

When it finally got dark and cooled off, Steven and the kids joined us back downtown and we walked the city at night. DC is such a pretty city at night when it's all lit up. We walked down Pennsylvania Avenue and said hello to President Obama and family!

It was a great last night in Washington. The next day we left and drove up to Baltimore. It was hotter in Baltimore than in DC, as if that were even possible! So we spent most of our first day there holed up in the hotel room. There wasn't a pool, so we laid around sleeping and watching TV. That evening we walked down to the Inner Harbor for dinner. The next day we walked back down to the harbor to go to National Aquarium. The Aquarium is unbelievable!!! It takes up 3 different buildings and is about 7 or 8 stories tall. We spend several hours walking around the Aquarium looking at the fascinating animals and catching the dolphin show, which was the highlight for all of us!

That night we walked to Little Italy and had an AMAZING dinner. It was, without a doubt the yummiest, most authentic Italian food I've ever had. We had a great time in Baltimore. We went back to the hotel for a good night's sleep and hit the road early the next morning for Lake Erie! Yea!!! The beach, here we come!

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