Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vacation-Day 3 (Or the 4th of July!!)

Sorry for the long delay in this post. We lost internet connection for a while and well, for a while I just haven't felt like blogging. But without further ado... here is Day 3 of our family vacation, the 4th of July in Washington, DC.

We thought we would go downtown for the parade, but we got out of the hotel later than anticipated and therefore couldn't find a spot along the route where could actually see anything. Which, wasn't a major loss since that day the temp got up to 104 degrees, and by the time the parade began at 11:45 it was roasting! We hung around for a while but then decided to duck into the courtyard at the old Post Office building to rest and cool off and eat some Ben and Jerry's. Once the parade had passed by and we could cross Constitution Avenue we decided to go spend some time in the Natural History Museum. Jonah wanted to see some dinosaurs, and I wanted to see the Hope Diamond. 

Jonah got to see his dinosaurs, I however, did not get to see the Hope Diamond. The room was PACKED where it was being held so I decided it was time to split and go meet my mom. We decided to head to the hotel room that my brother had gotten for the day to rest and let the kids swim. It was just too hot to do anything else! Around 6:30 we hopped on the Metro and went back downtown to scope out a place to watch the fireworks. This was the first time the kids had ever been on the subway and they loved it!

"Choo-choo!" We just couldn't get Jonah to understand we weren't on a choo-choo train!

We passed through the check point to get onto the National Mall fairly quickly and walked straight towards the Washington Monument. The fireworks are put off between the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument. Not a bad bit of scenery don't you think?!?! Especially when we looked off to our right, and there's the White House! "Hi President Obama!"

Micah's first fourth of July- my poor hot, sweaty baby! 

My cuddle bug and I. 

The kids made friends with the kids sitting by us (of course they did!) The family is from Louisiana and they had fun playing and reading together until it started to get dark. 

And then it was time for fireworks! They were pretty good, although nothing compared to the fireworks we have here over Labor Day weekend. But it was incredible to be sitting there with thousands of people in Washington, DC celebrating the 4th of July. It was quite a party and quite an experience!

It was about 1:30 am when we got back to our hotel by the Dulles Airport. We were exhausted! But it was a great day!

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