Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY, June 15, 2010

Outside my window... it is sunny and finally not raining! But it's also hot and muggy which makes it hard to breathe and drives us inside for the majority of the day! UGH!

I am thinking...about way too many things to list here! My mind is in a million places at once!

I am thankful for...safety last night from the severe storms that rolled through our area. Lots of lightning, really strong winds, and possible tornadoes, not a fun night, but we dodged the bullet and were back in bed by 11:30pm.

From the kitchen...stroganoff over egg noodles and biscuits. Yum!

I am wearing...blue jean shorts and my Old Navy 4th of July shirt from 2004

I am creating...a clean and organized office/craft room. It's been a slow go because I'm just working on it here and there when I have the chance, but it's getting there! I've thrown out two boxes of shredded paper, and probably 4 or 5 bags of trash! Yikes! Never again!

I am going...no where! Steven is working 4 12 hour days this week and I try not to take the kids out alone if not absolutely necessary. So we're at home today! Probably until Thursday when we might meet some friends at another friends house to go swimming!

I am reading...nothing. I just got finished reading Stephanie Meyers new book The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. It was really good, and WAY too short for me! But it got me really excited for the opening of Eclipse in a few weeks! Yea!!!

I am hoping...to get Bri registered for Kindergarten by the end of the week.

I am hearing...A marathon of America's Next Top Model. The kids are down for quiet time, and I'm not really watching b/c I've seen every episode a million times...it's just on for the noise! I don't do quiet well! A hazard of having 3 kids under 6!

Around the house...It's actually pretty stable. I've been doing Flylady for about 2 weeks now and things are feeling manageable!

One of my favorite things...snacking on chocolate chips, like I am doing right now!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
1) take dinner to a family tomorrow who's mom had surgery this week.
2) go swimming on Thursday with friends.
3) graduation party on Saturday for Steven's cousin.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...Micah rough housing with his brother and sister!

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Anonymous said...

"Man" Micah looks so big in that picture with Bri but he is soo tiny in reality. I love you babe and appreciate all that you do!

Waterdreamer said...

Awww... Your baby is chubby like my Wesley use to be. I love babies like that!
The park we were at was a wildlife preserve. It's so nice when the geese are flying back in the spring. But during this time of the year it's great for frogs, tadpoles, snails, ducks and beavers.

Cascia said...

You have a lot to be thankful for! Glad to hear that the storms have passed and you and your family are all safe.

I love the photos of your kids. Too cute!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!