Monday, August 4, 2008

Winding Down

Okay, so another post without pictures. Sorry, but I've been really bad about taking them lately! I'll make up for it next week though because it's going to be a very big week! On Monday Bri will start preschool! I can't believe it! It doesn't seem possible that my sweet baby girl could be old enough to go to preschool. But she is and she will begining Monday morning! She is so excited and tells everyone about her new packpack and lunch bag that have her name on them. We go tomorrow and Thursday for her transition visits so I'll let you know how those go, but I'm so not worried!
I start student teaching on Monday so Jonah will start at a new babysitter. We went to meet her the other day. She and her sister run this daycare out of her home and she's great! They are very organized and structured and Jonah loved it there! There were two other little boys around his age so he was very happy to have little boys to play with. And get this...her daughter and Bri have the same birthday. They'll both be 4 on Nov 19th! How wierd is that?!?! So next Monday is going to be a very big, very busy day! And as it gets closer I get more and more nervous! But I'll just have to wait and see.
Thursday evening our good friends, the Newtons, stopped in to see us on their way up to Dayton to spend time with Denny's sister and her family. We went to dinner at the Montgomery Inn (Dionne's favorite!) but the visit was way too short! After several hours they were on their way to Dayton and we were saying good bye again. But at least I finally got to meet Brazen, which was a real treat! He is sooo cute, and soooo sweet, and so a clone of his daddy when he was little! It was great to be able to see our friends, and I'm looking forward to the next time! But that also meant that we missed Emily's baby shower! I was so bummed, and Em, if you read this I need your address so we can forward your gift on to you and little Zoe! So email me so I can get that to you, okay!?!?!
And on a house note.... Steven and his dad have been working on Mom's apartment for the last three weekends and they have it completely framed out now! It is amazing what they got finished in three weekends- it's feeling very exciting now! The next step is the electric and then the drywall. I will try to take some pictures and get them posted tomorrow so that you can marvel along with us at the progress that is being made!
Okay, well, that's a long enough post for today. I'll try to post some pics tomorrow, both of the basement and of my precious chilens!

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Stacey said...

Hey Kari- I need you to send me your new address. I have something for Bri and Jonah. I think they will really like it. Just e-mail the address to

Also, good luck starting student teaching! I am sure you will have fun. What grade will you be working with?

Hey, thanks about always being consistent in commenting on our blog! I love reading the comments and get excited when I know you have visited 'cause I know you usually leave more than one! LOL.
Love you. Stacey