Saturday, August 9, 2008

2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremonies

Last night we gathered around the TV with the rest of the world and watched the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Summer Games. We love the Olympics! I have very fond memories of watching the Olympics, both summer and winter. I want to instill this same love in my children. There is something magical about the Olympic Games. A time when the world comes together to compete and enjoy one anothers company. It is wonderul and I enjoy every competition and every event! My dream would be to go to the Olympics one day (so Kyle, you better start training hard, because I'd love to go to London in 2012!!!!!!)
To start our Olympics celebration we went to a chinese resturant for really good take out. We love chinese food and thought it would be a good way to put us in the mood for the games in Beijing! The kids loved it all, especially the crab rangoon, chicken on a stick and boneless spare ribs. Jonah also loved the low mein noodles that came with my orange chicken. When mom went in to order the food the woman at the counter asked if it was a special occassion. Mom said "Yes, we're getting it to celebrate the Olympics in Beijing!" The woman was so tickled!

Bri enjoying her chicken on a stick!

Yes...I'm cute!

After dinner the kids played outside for a little while and then we came in and made a sign. I'd been telling Bri all day that she could make a sign for the Olympics so this is what we came up with...if we'd spent more time on it, it would have been much better, but we did this about 10 minutes before the opening ceremonies started. I told her she can make another one soon if she wants to!

We were totally amazed by the opening ceremonies! They were the most impressive I think I've ever seen! I don't know if anyone will be able to touch it in the future. China has set the bar high! Many times I found myself choking back tears and just sitting in amazement of the beauty and wonder of it all! Mom and I commented how sad it is that in our country we really have no traditions, not like the chinese. When you look at their history, the beauty in art, costumes, theatre, architecture, it just makes you stop and catch your breath! I think the chinese are such a beautiful people, and I loved every minute of last night. If you missed it, here is a slide show from You Tube that I really liked, and I thought it does a good job at capturing the essence of the ceremonies. I hope you'll spend time to watch this games over the next two weeks, and root for your team, whatever country that may be. As for me....I'll be rooting USA! USA! USA! USA!


MeganandNathan said...

It sounds like you guys had a really fun time. I LOVED the opening ceremonies as well. Nathan said they spent $300 million on them. It sure looked expensive, that is all I'm saying.

So, where did that medal tracker thing on your blog go? Where did you get that??

The Fischer Family said...

I made the medal tracker using the list option on the page elements. I just go to MSN and find the medal totals every day! They do have one on MSN that you can add as a side bar element, but it cut part of it off so I decided to make my own!