Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Beginning of the End

I walked into my classroom management class this morning for our final presentations still in denial I think that this was our last class. Every one was standing around taking pictures and they were like "It's our last class!" I refused to get all emotional- it's not like we're graduating yet!

We went through all of our presentations which were team plans that we had to develop complete with rules, expectations, grading scales, etc. Each of the 6 teams presented their plans and we got finished in about an hour. Not bad for a final huh? Then before we left our Professor started talking to us about student teaching and references when we start looking for jobs and it hit me..... this is my last semester in college! Yes I have to take two summer classes and in the fall I will be here one day a week for a phoenics class, but for the most part I am done with college classes!

I started to get all teary as I realized that these people that I've gotten used to seeing almost every day, day in and day out for the past two semester will not be with me any more. I will see them maybe three times next semester for student teaching meetings and that is it! We are now going on our own seperate ways, our own paths and it is kind of sad! I hope that we will make a concerted effort to get together every now and then to relive the good times with Cook and Faulkner (as we call our two main professors and education supervisors) and just stay close. It's been a fun ride and I hope we'll always look back fondly on the time that we spent here, slaving away together in the College of Education and Human Services at NKU.

Good luck to all my friends! I hope you all have wonderful, relaxing summers (cause we're gonna need it come August :P) and I wish you continued success during Student Teaching! And don't be strangers!


MeganandNathan said...

Congratulations Kari! I am sure it feels good to be so close to finishing! Do you know where you will be student teaching next year? Good luck to you!!

Diana said...

Yay! How exciting to see the begining of the end!

Jeannie said...

Congratulations Kari!!!! I am so proud of you! You are going to make a fantastic teacher!

Bethany said...

Congrats!! You are going to have a blast student teaching!!