Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Brianna grew up so much this summer! She began swimming, in the deep end, without floatation devices. She jumps off the side like it's nobodies business! She got fearless! (What am I talking about?!? She was always fearless..lol!) 

We had season passes to the Zoo and Kings Island this year. This year she was introduced to roller coasters. Her Uncle Denny would be proud...she LOVES them! The first time she rode what was called The Beastie when we were kids, (an old wooden roller coaster for children that is modeled after the world famous Beast roller coaster also at Kings Island) she wanted to be in the very front seat. And she kept her hands up the whole time! Of course, I was big, fat and pregnant so I wasn't even allowed to look at a roller coaster (hehe) but I did get to see a picture that we spent $10 on to commemorate the event. It's a pretty huge event! Isn't the smile on her face great! Fearless I tell ya! Fearless! (Ignore the goofy tweens in the background! lol!)

Steven says I get to take her on the Vortex for the first time since he got to do so many firsts with her this summer. Even though it is my absolute favorite roller coaster I don't know if I'm quite ready to take my 7 year old on it! Even if she is tall enough to ride it! Even if she is begging to go! Fearless I tell ya!! Letting go people! It's hard work!!

You may remember reading about Brianna's reaction when we had the ultrasound and found out our Julia was really an Elijah. I didn't think we'd ever be able to convince her that being the only girl is a very good thing. I should know...I'm the only girl in my family too! And the oldest! So I totally know where she is, or will be in the future. But after a while she did warm up to the idea. I mean come on...never having to share a room, not having someone who will steal your clothes or your shoes (or your boyfriends! lol) And since mommy and daddy are only responsible for one wedding that is going to be quite the party!!! :-)  And once Eli arrived, well, let's just say she warmed up really quickly!!

Meeting Eli for the first time.
I love this picture!!
She is such a good big sister!
Sharing Eli (reluctantly) with her GaGa Kim (Steven's mom).

Bri is quite the mother hen! Every time Eli makes a peep she thinks she needs to be on top of him! She loves to hold him, until he tries to eat her arm or face or pulls her hair. Then she's pretty quick to hand him over to mom! She tries to walk around the house with him a little too much (I even caught her trying to take him up the stairs the other day! She got reprimanded very quickly for that one!) but she is really good with him. Being the first of 4 she has had lots of practice by now. And I think the feelings of wanting a Julia are gone! She tells me that he is the sweetest baby brother ever! I have to agree!

A few weeks after Eli was born (11 days after to be exact!) Brianna started the 2nd grade. I cannot believe that my baby girl, my first born is in the 2nd grade! (I can't believe I'm old enough to have a 2nd grader, but that's a conversation for a different day!) This will be a big year for her. In May she will receive her First Communion. She is very excited! She has wanted this for quite a while now and we are so excited that are kids are starting to get the age where they will be joining us at the Lord's Table. It's a very cool thing! 

Where did the time go?!?! Who told her she could grow up!?!
Brianna and her buddy Micah. And yes, he's outside in his underwear!
Our beautiful blessings! 

  So far Brianna is loving the 2nd grade! Her teacher is wonderful and we are really enjoying the school they are going to. More confirmation to us that we made the right choice to send them to public school over private and save ourselves some (OK a lot!) of money!!

And finally, on September 7th Steven's sister Samantha got married! Her and her new husband Eric have been together for quite a few years now (and they were friends before that) and they FINALLY tied the knot! We were so happy for them and were honored when we were asked to take part in their special day. Steven was a groomsman, I was a bridesmaid (and also sang in the wedding with Steven and Samantha's cousin Kristi), and Brianna and Jonah were the flower girl and ring bearer. They looked absolutely adorable and did a really good job! We were a little nervous about Jonah after the rehearsal, but hey! That's what rehearsals are for right?!?! They had a blast! Brianna looked absolutely beautiful in her off white dress that mimicked the style of her Aunt's gorgeous dress. We're hoping this dress will still fit in May and she can wear it again for her First Communion. (Did I mention I found this dress on Ebay for $30 with FREE shipping!!! They wanted $120 for it at David's Bridal! Ebay people...it's a wonderful thing!!!)

Waiting to enter the ceremony.
It's party time!!! I LOVE this picture!!
Brianna with her cousin Jamie and her boyfriend Jared.
Bri and Jonah with their Nina.
The gorgeous bride! Don't you think she should have looked a little happier!?! lol
Mr and Mrs. Eric Hunter!
It was a beautiful wedding and we were so honored to be such a large part of it! The happy couple are off in Jamaica right now on their honeymoon. Looking at the cloudy skies outside my window today I wish I was too! :-)

So that's an update on our Brianna Michelle! Tomorrow, what Jonah's been up to! See ya then!

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