Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tuesday Time Out- World Butterfly Exhibit at the Krohn Conservatory

Yesterday we had our first Tuesday Time Out following our new summer schedule. Unfortunately, it almost fell apart and ended up being just us. One of our friends is very ill (to the point that she might have to be hospitalized..Yikes!), one just said she wasn't going to be able to make it after all (not sure why), another had to back out because of a doctor's appointment for her daughter that she forgot about, and another is getting ready to go on vacation and just needed time to pack and get ready. I decided that the kids and I would go regardless because I had already promised and didn't want to back out, when our last family said they could still come and we met up with them.

We decided to go to the World Butterfly Exhibit at the Krohn Conservatory. It is an exhibit that runs only until the end of the month and features hundreds of butterflies from around the world. When we initially decided to go there the weather was supposed to be bad on Tuesday, but it wound up being a very nice late morning/early afternoon so we packed a picnic and found a great spot up in the park overlooking the river. It also happened to be close to a really cool playground spot so they got to run around for a while and slide and climb. 

The Butterfly Exhibit was really fun. The kids got to color and cut out a butterfly to add to the butterfly wall if they wanted to. They were given a cardboard flower that the butterflies are supposed to land on when you hold it out, but they moved theirs too much and were not patient at all! They got pretty close to catching a few of them but the always flew off. But they enjoyed seeing all the different sizes and colors. Some of them were really beautiful! One was a big blue one and another was black and hot pink. It was really cool!

Waiting for butterflies

Trying to catch some..I think Micah scared them!

After we saw the butterflies we went through the rest of the Conservatory. I forgot how beautiful it is. The kids loved the waterfall and the very large Koi fish! It was a really fun day and a great visit to our Conservatory. 

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