Wednesday, March 2, 2011

November 18

November 18! The countdown is on! The opening of "The Twilight Sage: Breaking Dawn Part I"! SQUEEE!!!!

Which means the return of this:
Could she be any prettier!?!?!
And this:
Yes, yes you are hot!
And my personal favorite!
Hello honey! How I've missed you!
And since I'm an equal opportunity swooner..I'll include a little of this:
So right and so wrong all at the same time! Hehehehe
And I'll say, I still want her hair!
Alice, you are fabulous! I wish you were my BFF!
Let's just say I'm a little excited! Especially when I see teasers like this:
Ugh! Could you be any cuter?!?!
And especially this one!
Heart. Temporarily. Stopped. Beating!!!!
  OH MY! This deserves a huge SQUEEEEE!!!!! Did I say yet that I can't wait!?!?!?! Think I'm going to go read the book two or three more times! Bye!

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Shelly said...

I am glad to know the date. This gives me plenty of time to find a babysitter! I cannot wait either.

Also, thank you for the suggestion of looking at the Shabby Apple for dresses. I've never seen that site before, but I think it may be a new favorite of mine. I saw so many cute dresses and one that I am really thinking about getting!