Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our Fighter!

These past few days have been so scary and so exhausting. Thursday evening I was at rehearsal and Steven came in. It was about 9:30 pm and he stood at the edge of the stage. One of my friends got my attention and told me that my husband was here. I went over to the edge of the stage and he told me that Jonah had been throwing up all evening and it now had blood in it! I ran over to the director, told him I had to go, changed out of my costume in record time and jumped in the car. We dropped Brianna and Micah off at home with my mom and then drove to the ER. We sat in the waiting room for a little while and then were led back to a room. The doctor came in almost immediately. They ran some blood work and then started an IV. He was very dehydrated. And he was so sick. He barely reacted when they did his IV! He absolutely broke my heart. Steven took a few pictures in the ER. Here's what our little guy looked like:

In the waiting room

Waiting for test results.

IV on board. Waiting for overnight room. Can you tell mommy is tired and scared?
Wiped out and sleeping good!      
 At one point he started breaking out in a weird rash! It started on his stomach and then spread to his face. Around his forehead and around his ears were particularly red and splotchy. It was really weird and we still don't know what caused it. After some Benadryl it went away, but it was scary for a while. These pictures don't really do it justice!

By yesterday morning he looked like a completely different child! Seeing that smile did this momma's heart good! 

He had some visitors throughout the afternoon and evening. I went home in the afternoon to take a nap with Micah. It felt good to sleep in my own bed for a while but I was anxious to get back to my boy. My brother Michael and my mom came to visit. So did his grandma Kim and Aunt Shelly. Later his cousin Kristi, who is also his Godmother (or as Jonah calls her his "Fairy Godmother"-lol) came to visit. She got him to eat some jello and got some good smiles out of him!

By yesterday evening his fever was back up (it was 103 when Steven left to come back home so I could come back for the night!) and he just looked miserable again. His face was looking puffy and a little swollen. The doctor now says he think it's because he had more fluids on board then he was out putting. 

Now the IV has been unhooked to give him an incentive to eat and drink on his own. If he can eat and drink well this morning and afternoon we should be home this evening. I hope so. I know we're both ready to get out of here! He has been such a trooper and I've been so proud of him! Now he's starting to fight back though, which tells me he is feeling much better! It's been an I hope we don't ever have to go through again!

Oh, and the "official diagnosis" if you are wondering...well, we didn't really get one. The nurses say it smells (the diarrhea that is!) a lot like rota virus. They say once you smell it you never forget it! But the doctor never ran an actual test because there really isn't anything they could do even if it was rota virus. I wish they would have would have been nice to know for sure!


Kaysi said...

That is just awful!! Poor little guy, I feel so bad for him. It's no fun to be sick. Hope that everything is going well for you guys

Diana said...

So sorry this little guy was SO sick. Glad he is on the mend. Sounds like rota virus and rosela (the rash and high fever) Whatever it was just happy to hear he is improving.

Shelly said...

That is so scary! You must have been so stressed. I hope that by this time he is feeling much better and is home in your arms. Poor little kid, but as you said, he sure is a fighter.