Wednesday, January 12, 2011

California Dreamin' on Such a Winter's Day

It has been a rough winter so far, for most of the country. I think we have seen more snow this winter (and late fall) than we have seen in years! The kids of course are loving it, but I'm already sick of it and ready for spring! Yesterday after a snowfall of about 4 inches school was canceled so the road crews could work on the roads. What do you do on a day home from school while stuck inside? Well, we decided to bake a cake! 

 We decided on a cherry chip cake, which I hoped would bring a little bit of springtime to this freezing day! 

 The kids love being in the kitchen. They had so much fun adding the water and the oil and cracking the eggs. They are pros at cracking eggs! And of course, they both needed a turn with the hand mixer!

 Even Micah got in on the action...licking the spatula! YUM!

Here is the finished product...I don't know why I make bundt cakes...they are so hard to ice! But it sure tasted yummy! 

It turned out to be a pretty enjoyable snow day, even if I did spend most of my time dreamin' of warmer weather! Doesn't look like we'll be getting it this week though. We are looking at snow for the next 7 days!

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