Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

We had a wonderful Easter today and I hope you all did too! This is probably my favorite holiday of all and today was a perfect day to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus. How thankful I am for his sacrifice and for his rising from the dead. It gives me so much hope and peace to know what he did for me. It also makes me feel how unworthy I am of such a sacrifice...but he doesn't care how unworthy I may be. He loves me no matter what! How refreshing! This is one of my favorite Easter songs, "Via Dolorosa" recorded by Sandi Patti. This is a live version of her performing it, with clips from what looks like "Jesus of Nazareth" to me. It tells the story of Jesus walking through Jerusalem on his way to Calvary and how he walked that road because of his love for us. Such a beautiful story. Probably the greatest of all time! I hope you enjoy it! I'll post Easter pics tomorrow!

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