Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our Six Month Old he's not exactly six months old yet, but close enough! Micah is such an absolute joy right now. He has started playing with his toys more and more. He loves his exersaucer which he has learned to turn in circles. He also likes his jungle gym that he got from Santa (great choice Santa!!!!) He is sooo smiley and getting to be really vocal. I LOVE this age, and I'm enjoying every day that I get to wake up and see that smile and those chubby cheeks!

Brianna is still quite the little mommy. She really likes to pick him up out of his swing and carry him around the house. It scares me to death when I see her do it (and even more when I don't but I find him in a different spot than I left him.)

Jonah is really warming up to his little brother. Last night I had put Jonah and Bri down for bed, and I came up a little later to put Micah down. Jonah got up and came over to the changing table. When I told him to go back to bed he said "But mommy, I want to kiss his cheek! His my favorite little brother! I love our baby!" Oh, I wanted to melt! So he's definitely warmed up to being a big brother.

I really wanted to share some pictures that I took of Micah on Sunday. He just looked so cute in his church outfit and his page boy hat (which, by the way, he wore all through church, and the potluck afterwards!) Oh how I love those cheeks!


Kaysi said...

That hat is so adorable, Keyne wouldn't wear it for longer than a second! I love this age, they are fun and interactive but not mobile yet! Enjoy it while you can :)

Megan said...

What a sweet little boy!! So adorable in that outfit!